Real Life

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A few days ago I heard the song “Real Life” by Jake Owen. I fell in love with it, probably as much because I heard him talk about it beforehand as because it’s just a great song. I couldn’t get it out of my head on our family date last night. Let me explain…

I was pretty excited about this “date night” tradition we started a few weeks ago. So far, our dates have been so fun! Last night, we decided to go on a bike ride to the river and have a picnic dinner on the riverbank. Tayne was so excited because he got to ride his own bike! We packed our picnic, tucked it away in the bike trailer with Thorin, and the three of us hopped on our bikes. It was gorgeous outside; 78°, blue sky, and puffy white clouds. There was one dark cloud, but it hardly seemed worth noting in the midst of everything else.

So, off we went on our bikes for our awesome family date. We rode almost 2 miles before we found a good spot along the river for dinner. We set out the picnic and sat down to eat. It was about then that I realized the entire sky was now dark and it began to sprinkle. Hoping it was nothing, we continued to eat, and it began raining harder, and harder, and harder. Until we were all soaked; along with our food and blanket. So we quickly packed everything up, jumped back on our bikes and headed home. If only it ended there. Unfortunately as soon as we hit the trail home, the pouring rain turned into hail…

I looked around at my little family and realized we were all wearing shorts and tank tops. See, I’m the awesome mom who thought about bringing coats just in case. Well, I thought about it right then anyway… My poor Tayne was near tears as he said, “Mommy, I don’t want to ride my bike while I’m cold and wet!” Daddy tried to convince him that riding faster would warm him up and encouraged him with, “This sure is an adventure, huh?!” The only one who didn’t complain on the way back was Thorin, tucked into the warm, dry bike trailer with the food!

We rode in the hail for a while, and it poured the rest of the ride home. I was worried this would go down in history as the worst family date ever. However, by the time we got home, we were all laughing at how silly we looked soaked to the bone! Tayne laughed and said, with a huge grin, “Next time, maybe we should do it in the sun.” It ended up being a fabulous adventure!

The entire ride home my mind kept wandering to the song “Real Life” and the way Jake Owen described this song as representing not just life as we imagine it, but real life. This date was life, real life. Sunshine, laughter, rain, hail, and thunderstorms all on a wonderful family date. The most incredible thing about it is I couldn’t have planned a more fun evening if I’d tried. Sometimes you just can’t beat real life!

Father God, thank You so much for my amazing family. You have blessed me far beyond what I deserve by putting them in my life. I pray that You will continue to surprise us with real life, Lord. Don’t let us get so distracted by our own expectations that we fail to see Your interventions in our lives. Keep our eyes and hearts open, Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.

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One thought on “Real Life

    Cindy said:
    June 2, 2015 at 6:44 pm

    What a wonderful story…family love and fun.


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