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One of my goals this summer is to do something every day that is picture worthy. This is mostly a way for me to be more intentional with my kiddos. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant event, just something that’s worth a photo.

Yesterday’s picture-worthy event wasn’t extraordinary at all. My boys tried biscotti for the first time. We didn’t even make the biscotti- it was a thank you gift from one of my students. But, they were excited! Partly because it was new… mostly because it was a cookie!

Today, though, we had a lot of fun! We needed decorations (large wall hangings) for our family room. I didn’t really want to spend money and I had four large canvases in the garage. So, we picked something our family loves and made wall art! We all love superheroes, specifically the Avengers. I’m not an amazing artist, so we needed something simple. I found some silhouettes online and away we went. They turned out, “Awesome, so amazing, Mom!” according to my four-year-old. “This is a great surprise for Dad!” he said. He even helped me measure and hang them. It was definitely a hit! Now, to come up with something for tomorrow…

Father, thank You so much for my boys! Help me to be intentional with my boys this summer. Give me ideas, motivation, and excitement as we try new things and just spend time together. Thank You for the blessing of getting to help raise these precious children of Yours. In Jesus name, Amen.

2015-06-16 16.46.06-1 2015-06-16 16.45.53-1


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