MFM: Week 1, Day 4

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Week 1, Day 4 (Didn’t weigh today)

Heart: I have a lot of words, but none of them seem to adequately describe the way I feel about my husband. Today we celebrate 10 years of marriage! On one hand, it seems like it flew by. I look around at our life and wonder how in the world we got here. On the other hand, it seems like we’ve been together forever. I can’t really remember a time when he wasn’t my rock. We started dating when I was 15, so I guess there wasn’t really much of my life that didn’t include him. There are few things in life that remind me how blessed I truly am quite like looking at my husband. He is my everything. He is my joy, my peace, my sounding board, my teacher, my partner, my best friend in the whole world. He has blessed me with the three most beautiful children on the face of the planet. He challenges me and laughs with me. He listens when I nerd out on math and he geeks out on tech and sci fi stuff even when he knows I don’t understand it. He is my most precious relationship on earth and I am so overwhelmed by how blessed I am to have him I can’t contain it. My body is literally spilling over and I’m a blubbering mess just trying to describe how important and incredible my husband is. I am the luckiest woman alive.

Soul: Today God continues to reveal that His work is not done through my power, but through His power in me. In Acts 3 Peter and John heal a man who couldn’t walk and the townsfolk ask how they did it. Their response is that they didn’t, only the power of God in them can achieve such miracles. This is another reminder to me that God is the One with the power to change hearts, I’m just responsible for showing people how much He loves them. It turns out He doesn’t actually need the help of a simple human like me, but He still chooses to use me to love others! How awesome is that?

Strength: I didn’t weigh myself today. Not because I was worried about the scale, but because I forgot. I don’t think it’s crucial that I weigh every single day, just on a regular basis so I can monitor where I’m at. Yesterday I was visiting with my dad, step-mom and husband about healthy eating and the idea of avoiding red meat came up. The more I think about it, the more I wonder if that would be a healthy transition for me. I don’t eat much red meat as it is (a steak here and there, bacon on occasion and ground beef when we have spaghetti or tacos) so it wouldn’t be much of a change. I’ll need to supplement with a multi-vitamin that contains iron, and look at substituting ground turkey in spaghetti, but overall I feel like it’s doable without being drastic. I don’t anticipate feeling much different overall, but I feel like it’s a step forward. Typically, my diet revolves around what I like to eat, not what my body processes well. So, I feel like this is a first step at putting the health of my body ahead of my desire to eat certain foods. We’ll see how it goes, pray for me…


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