MFM: Week 2, Day 4

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Week 2, Day 4 (-1 pound)

Heart: I have done two jigsaw puzzles in the past two days. I had completely forgotten how much I love jigsaw puzzles! It’s not something I would want to do every day, or even necessarily every month. But, I am so excited that I rediscovered jigsaw puzzles. Every once in a while I get some ‘free time’ and my husband asks, “What are you going to do? What sounds fun to you?” and I rarely have an answer. I think I’ll stick jigsaw puzzles in my toolbox for just such an occasion!

Soul: I struggled with shame yesterday, mostly as the result of weighing myself in the morning. I believe that God gives us guilt as a way of knowing we need to make ourselves right with Him. However, I believe that shame comes from Satan. Shame has more to do with me not being worthy than it does with my actions being sinful. Today I definitely struggled with shame. Fortunately, when I took the time to sit down with God, He reminded me of the same thing as a few days ago, “I love you. I love you.” A couple of weeks ago I taught story time during Vacation Bible School at church and what I kept reminding the kids was that God loves them always, no matter what, and He loves them more than anything in the whole world! Time for me to listen to my own words.

Strength: So I get that weight fluctuates throughout the day, but I didn’t realize how much it fluctuates from day to day. Even weighing at roughly the same time of day, I’m finding that it fluctuates way more than I expected. As of today I’m back down a pound from where I started (2.5 pounds from yesterday!). I told my husband I might switch to weighing weekly. Yesterday was a rough ‘body image’ day for me and I think that had a lot to do with weighing in the morning. It set me up for a day full of shame… Which I said I was going to avoid, but as much as I try shame comes. It’s not exactly something I can just turn off, as much as I’d like to. Instead, my husband suggested continuing to weigh more regularly and using it to get a feel for how my body naturally fluctuates. I think he’s got a really good point as I’ve never taken the time to really learn about and get in tune with my body. So for now I’ll continue to weigh regularly and I’ll try to combat shame for the sake of knowledge.


One thought on “MFM: Week 2, Day 4

    Mo said:
    July 29, 2016 at 4:35 am

    Sometimes Satan shames us by allowing us to compare where we think we are compared to others…but God says to stop comparing and rest in who we are in Him! I love who you are
    .. nothing could make me love you more….so imagine how God feels! Xxoo hugs.

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