MFM: Week 3, Day 3

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Week 3, Day 3

Heart: I have an almost three-year-old who seems ready to potty train. He tells me when he goes to the bathroom, goes somewhere secluded to do his ‘business’, and basically changes his own diapers. Recently he hasn’t been wanting his diapers changed, though. He tells me he went to the bathroom, but doesn’t want to hassle with changing his diapers. So, yesterday I gave him underwear and told him we don’t have to change his diaper if he wears underwear. With my oldest son, we used super hero underwear and the threat of having to wear a diaper as motivation to stay dry. That won’t work with this kiddo. So, instead, I told him that he’s wearing underwear for everything except sleeping. The motivation for this little guy is that he has to help clean up the mess he makes after having an accident. So we got out multiple pairs of underwear and pants, a huge stack of wash cloths and towels, and our non-toxic ‘kid-helper’ cleaner and we were prepared for a messy day! Within five minutes he had his first accident. Here we go! He did not like being wet, did not like having to change clothes, did not like wiping himself down with baby wipes, and did not like having to clean the floor. For this little guy who doesn’t even want to slow down to change his diaper, this took way too long! So, I threw everything in the wash and waited for the next accident. And waited. And waited. He asked to go to the bathroom several times and tried to no avail. So, I waited. At nap time I put a pull-up on him and when he woke up he told me, “Can’t poop in my underwear or have to clean it up, so I pooped in my pull-up” The kid planned his day around not having an accident! And then we waited. And waited. He tried several more times, nothing. Then right before bed he said he needed to go and did! The whole day he had one accident and it was five minutes after putting on underwear for the first time! The kid blew my mind! Now for day two… pray for me!

Soul: For six years I’ve taught high school mathematics. And I’ve loved every minute of it! However, a year and a half ago during a parenting class, I felt called to be home with my children. I truly believe that God called me into a new mission. It was crazy, because I never saw myself as the stay-at-home type, and at first felt like I would be giving up my career. But, over the past year He has been revealing to me that this is just a season and that teaching math may very likely be in my future again. It’s been incredibly freeing to know that many of my colleagues stayed home with their children and came back to have extremely fulfilling teaching careers. So, my teaching career is on hold for now, and over the past several months, God has been revealing His new plan for me. At first I was under the impression that it was my children, only my children. They are a huge and integral part of where I am currently called to serve, but so is my neighborhood. I feel called to love on my neighbors, and not in the generic ‘love everyone’ way. I feel called to love my literal neighbors- the people living next door and down the block. Unfortunately, this scares the crap out of me! Truthfully, I’m not even sure where to start. Yesterday I put together a gift to welcome a new baby next door and texted a few friends in the neighborhood just to get in touch. I guess that’s a start. Now I’ll try to take opportunities when they come.

Strength: My husband always has at least two drinks with him at any given time. A Hydro Flask of water and a Hydro Flask of coffee. Sometimes he has one or two additional drinks as well. I give him a hard time about this sometimes, but he was just telling me a few days ago that the reason he always has drinks readily available is because otherwise he wants to snack. He’s brilliant! When I snack it’s rarely because I’m actually hungry, and almost always the result of being bored or wanting something to do with my hand. So, lately I’ve been working on having a drink available and if I’m wanting to snack, I get a drink first. Then, if I find that I was wanting to snack because I’m actually hungry, I can get something to eat. It’s been great for the past couple of days. I’ll keep at it and see how it goes!


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