MFM: Week 4, Day 6

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Week 4, Day 6

Heart: In my first ‘My Favorite Me’ post I talked about wanting to avoid escapisms. Since starting my blog, I’ve noticed a huge decrease in my desire to escape using things like romance novels and shopping. I would wager it’s primarily the result of spending some time every day with Jesus. I wonder, however, if it also has to do with the ‘me time’ that writing this blog provides. I hadn’t really considered the impact that writing my thoughts and feelings might have on me until a friend mentioned it yesterday. This is the same friend that ‘accidentally’ left zucchini on my counter which led to the making of an amazing raspberry lime zucchini cake. (Yeah, she’s pretty great!) So, for now, I guess blogging is my newest hobby. It gives me some ‘me time’ without being an escape. In fact, I think it’s helped me be even more present in each of my heart roles (wife, mom, lover of Christ, etc.).

Soul: When I look at this month, I can’t believe how busy we are. My husband has a big project at work, so he’s been working extra hours, we’ve had plans every night for the past two weeks, today he’s on a crazy long bike ride and the next week doesn’t slow down at all (in fact it’s going to get busier)! I feel like I should be drowning, and I’m getting there, but I’m not worn down yet. The Lord has totally given me a spirit of peace and contentment through this busy season. I love that I can say with certainty that it is well with my soul.

Strength: I’ve mentioned my husband and his cycling hobby a couple of times. Today he is on his first century ride (100 miles) with a coworker. One. Hundred. Miles! He’s an inspiration to me! As much as I struggle with body image, he makes me want to do and be better. I am so incredibly proud of him and everything he’s accomplished! In fact, right now I’m going to wrap up this blog post so my kids and I can go cheer him on as he rides back by our house!


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