MFM: Week 4, Day 7

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Week 4, Day 7 (+1 pound)

Heart: I’ve spent a lot of my blog focused on my heart roles of wife and Momma. That’s not surprising since they’re easily my most important and beloved roles. But, I also have heart roles that revolve around hobbies and things I love to do. Lately, I’ve been itching to sew! I have several little things I’m wanting to work on: more nursing pads for a friend (and me of course), indoor Frisbees for the boys, Halloween costumes, and a few other things just for fun. Unfortunately, I’m out of white thread. How does one run out of white thread, you ask? I used three spools (yes, three!) on a children’s church function. So, once I get to the store I’ll work on my projects! I can’t wait!

Soul: This morning I read Acts 10. God told Cornelius’ (a Gentile) to invite Peter (a Jew) to his house. God revealed that they weren’t to disregard each other because of social expectations, but to share life together because they were formed by the same Creator. Peter told Cornelius’ family the good news about Jesus and they shared a meal together before Peter left. I feel like God is using this story to give me insight into how He is calling me into my neighborhood. Rather than have a huge event or go seek people out and try to force relationship, I think God wants me to be open to His leading. Over the past couple of weeks, He has provided us with lots of opportunities to invite families over for dinner and get to know them better. I simply need to watch for those moments and take advantage of them! That sounds way less scary that trying to force it- I love having people over for dinner! And I love the idea of meeting people and hanging out with and genuinely getting to know them!

Strength: Well, I’m down a pound from last week. But, honestly, I’m feeling discouraged. I’ve been tracking my eating for the past several days and I’ve been eating well. I’ve also gone on several walks this week, so I feel like I should be doing better. I need to remember that one pound per week is a healthy weight loss rate and at the end of a year adds up to 52 pounds! I need to realize that this feeling is just that, a feeling. Feelings are fleeting and can be affected by things as simple as food and weather. I need to make sure I don’t get derailed based on how I’m feeling on one particular day. It’s not easy to share on these days, but I’m finding that writing about it helps. A lot!


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