MFM: Week 5, Day 5

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Week 5, Day 5

Heart: Being a stay at home mom is tough! I knew the lack of adult conversations would be hard for me, but I didn’t really expect the monotony. There are days I don’t feel like doing anything at all and days that I push myself way too hard just trying to shake things up. Neither feels productive, restful, and sustainable. I heard somewhere about a woman who chooses just three things to accomplish each day and fell in love with the idea! So for a few weeks now I’ve been trying it out and it is so helpful! I choose three things every day that I want to accomplish and I focus on doing those things well. The day feels productive because I accomplished those three things, but it also feels restful because I don’t expect more of myself than I’m capable of in one day. It gives me the motivation to do a few things really well without the guilt of not doing everything. Plus, I let my husband know what my three things are each day so he comes home with realistic expectations of what was accomplished at the house. I try to choose something each day that involves cleaning (today it’s all of the bathrooms), something having to do with the kids (go for a walk, make slime, bake together, etc.), and the third typically depends on the day. Today the third is pay bills, because it needs to be done. Sometimes I choose something I love to do, like sew. Or sometimes I add another activity with the kids (even something as simple as setting an hour aside to play outside with them). They thought yesterday was pretty great because once I got the main floor picked up and cleaned we made rainbow pudding pops and after nap we made slime! It was a pretty epic day! Don’t misunderstand, the days aren’t always epic, but at the end of the day, pretty much every day, I feel great!

Soul: I’m reading a book by AJ Swoboda called ‘A Glorious Dark’ which likens the Christian walk to Easter weekend. At the beginning of the book, he splits Christians into the three categories: Friday Christians, Saturday Christians, and Sunday Christians. He explains that Fridays tend to focus on suffering, Saturdays on doubt, and Sundays on blessings. His point is that none of these alone are good enough, it requires the whole weekend to truly experience the resurrecting power of Christ. The problem for me, is I’m very much a Sunday Christian. I focus on victory, I love the positive powerful experiences with Christ and for a long time I preferred to ignore the pain and ambiguity associated with Friday and Saturday. Because of that I have a hard time feeling close to God unless I feel like I’m having a mountaintop experience. You know, those ‘can’t contain it, want to sing at the top of my lungs, cheeks hurt from smiling so much’ experiences. Today doesn’t feel that way. Today doesn’t feel bad, and I certainly don’t feel alone, but it isn’t going to go down in history as one of the most spiritually powerful days of my life. I don’t know that that’s a bad thing, though. I’m definitely confident in my relationship with Jesus, so it’s ok if today is just a good day. It doesn’t have to be the best day. Can you imagine if every day in my marriage had to be better than the day before? How exhausting! Most days aren’t the best, but neither are they the worst. Most days are just days, and they’re good. That’s the kind of day I’m having with Jesus today. Not great, not terrible, just a day. And it’s good.

Strength: My husband bought me a Fitbit last year for Christmas and I wear it intermittently. Recently I decided to start wearing it every day. Turns out it is super motivational! I set goals for steps, distance, stairs, etc. and because it’s right there, I check it all the time. The other day I even did four flights of stairs right before bed just to make sure I hit my goal! Nothing has ever made me think, Maybe I’ll go do a few flights of stairs. Oh, and the night before that I was within 250 steps of my goal, so I walked circles around my kitchen until I hit it! Even better, though, is the fact that it syncs with MyFitnessPal so the activity updates MFP with calories burned and steps taken, which makes me want to keep journaling! So it’s also motivating me to continue tracking what I eat- which is the key for me! The tricky thing I have to remember, though, is that the calorie information is an approximation and not necessarily exactly what I burn. So, I need to make sure I just use it as a guide and don’t consume calories based on what it says I’ve burned. Ultimately, way helpful as long as I remember to be smart about my choices.


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