MFM: Week 7, Day 3

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Week 7, Day 3 (+2 pounds)

Heart: New York, New York! I just got back from a trip to the Big Apple. My very first trip to NYC, in fact! I think everyone has a picture of New York City, whether they’ve been there or not. From books, movies, stories, etc. we all have an idea of what New York City is like. What I discovered on my trip is that New York City can be whatever you want it to be! Fortunately, I was not trying to navigate the new city all by myself. My brother lives there and was our tour guide for the trip. He walked us through a couple of ‘big city’ type dirty, noisy, smelly areas of town, but for the most part I experienced a very clean, beautiful and relatively quiet NYC. Because I’d never been there our goal was to see as much as possible rather than to do as much as possible. This made our trip relatively inexpensive as well (aside from meals and transportation, the only thing we paid to do was go see the Statue of Liberty). We opted to skip museums for strolling through Central Park, and decided to wander through the massive buildings and catch the most amazing views and pictures in lieu of shows. We had the most wonderful time just taking in the views of the city and reveling in the feeling that is ‘New York’. I can’t wait to go back!

2016-08-28 19.12.32

Soul: We’ve all heard that New Yorkers are rude, right? On this trip, I was reminded that everyone desires to see good in others, even New Yorkers. It is true that everyone in New York tends to walk around with their guard up. Everyone is cautious, and rightly so. We were on the subway and a man started staring very intently at my 5-month old daughter. Instantly, everyone on the train’s radar went up, you could tell complete strangers had their eyes on him to make sure this baby girl was going to be safe. Then he pulled something out of his backpack… and started blowing up a balloon. He proceeded to make her an adorable balloon flower! When he handed it to her someone clapped and the next thing I knew everyone in the car was applauding him. It was incredible how quickly everyone softened once they realized there was no danger. An entire subway car filled with people who were laughing and asking for this man’s business card, who had dropped their wall of caution because he chose to do something kind. Even in New York, maybe especially in New York, people crave witnessing the good in others. That’s what I’d like to be- the good that others see in the world. It may be the closest to Jesus they’ll ever get.

2016-08-28 17.15.36

Strength: I didn’t lose or gain anything on my trip. I guess the walking countered the NY style pizza, cheesecake, and pretzels. Either way, I’m counting it a success! We opted to eat only two meals per day so that we could enjoy the occasional pretzel or lemonade. So every day we had breakfast/brunch and dinner, which actually worked quite well with our schedule. The walking was certainly helpful, but having my Fitbit also gave me the motivation to choose stairs over escalators on a couple of occasions. While easy to achieve your step goals in New York City, it’s surprisingly difficult to meet your stair goals! By the second day I had everyone else in our group asking what the steps were for the day and trying to figure out ways to get more staircases in. It was a fun way to stay motivated even while on vacation!

*On a totally different note, check out this picture I took of a beautiful tall building. Without realizing it, I got the most incredible reflection of Freedom Tower in it!

2016-08-28 14.37.00


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    Mom said:
    August 31, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    The most amazing trip with three of my favorite people.

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