MFM: Week 7, Day 5

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Week 7, Day 5 (+1 pound)

Heart: Starting a new month means some new things around our house. Like everyone else, I always keep my New Year’s resolutions… yeah right! So this year I decided instead of just one thing for the whole year, I’d make several small changes. Each month I make one financial change, one spiritual change, and one physical change. Then I only have to worry about keeping them for a month instead of the whole year. To be honest, it’s been going really well! This month the financial change is to have a yard sale or post some things on Craigslist. It’s more about going through our things and determining whether we really need something or if we have it just to have it. We’ve actually been doing this all summer, but over the course of the month I’ll try to go through each room again and get rid of the things we don’t need. I’ll try to pick a room and it’ll be one of my ‘3 things’ for that day. Then it won’t feel overwhelming, but it’ll still get done. I’m excited about clearing out our house of some clutter!

Soul: The spiritual change for this month is spending 5 minutes with God every day. This is another one I’ve already been doing, which is great! This will just encourage me to continue spending quiet time with God every morning (or as often as I can with 3 kiddos). Some of my favorite spiritual changes over the year have been: listing my blessings every night before bed (this gave me a huge list of things to be thankful for at the end of the month), talk less (I tend to speak before I think and this month focused on really listening rather than having to be the one talking), honor my husband (regularly tell him what I appreciate about him), and pray over my children (pick something different to pray for my children every night- peace, patience, hope, etc.). There were more, but these were some of my favorites. They kept me centered on the things that matter most. I wasn’t always awesome about every night, but overall I’ve grown so far this year and I count that as a success!

Strength: I’m back down a pound- thank you New York for an ungodly amount of walking! This month my physical change is to eat one vegetarian meal per week. I’ll be honest, my husband was not excited about this one. At all! I’ve already started toying with it since I cut out red meat. If my husband and kids have steak, I’ll usually just do a baked potato and salad. But, this change for the month includes him, so I’ll have to investigate some yummy vegetarian meals that are filling and so full of flavor that he won’t miss the meat! Thank goodness for Pinterest searches! Some of my favorite physical changes this year have included: sleep more (going to bed by 9:30pm every night), no seconds (allowing myself to eat whatever I want, but only if I take it all at once- it’s way easier to monitor portions when doing this), and food journal (I’ve already mentioned the importance of journaling for me). There were lots more, but these were my favorites! Coming up next month I’m supposed to increase my steps goal for the month. Again, since each goal only lasts a month I’ve been able to keep my resolution thus far (only 4 months to go!) and plan on doing something similar again next year!


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    Mom said:
    September 3, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    Yay…Christi! Good job!! Hugs.

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