MFM: Week 8, Day 2

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Week 8, Day 2 (-0.5 pound)

Heart: Last year, we added a ‘hymn of the month’ to our bedtime routine. Every night we sing a song, say prayers, and receive a blessing from dad. We decided for the song, we’d pick a different hymn each month and sing it every night for the whole month. Our hope is that as our children grow up, the words of the hymns (which oftentimes are taken directly from the Word) will be etched on their hearts. That when they need it most, the words of the hymns will come to mind and remind them that they are not alone on this journey. Hymns are also important to me because I didn’t learn many growing up and they are so integral to the history of the Christian church. I want my children to be familiar with and connected to these songs that helped shape worship as we know it. This month our hymn is ‘It Is Well With My Soul” and they boys love singing and holding out the very last note! We don’t usually sing the whole song, just the first verse and the chorus. But, it is so awesome when they recognize the songs on a Sunday morning and sing along- it makes this Momma’s heart very happy! Some of their favorites have been “Jesus Loves Me” (not technically a hymn, but the chorus is full of truth), “Amazing Grace”, “In the Garden”, and The Lord’s Prayer (not a song, but so worth memorizing!). The most difficult part for us has been trying to find new hymns every month!

Soul: This morning I read the end of Acts 13 and felt convicted by the way it ends. Paul and Barnabas spoke the gospel to gentiles and the Jewish leaders got so angry they “stirred up persecution… expelled them from their region” (verse 50) and “shook the dust off their feet as a warning to them” (verse 51) and it ends by saying that “the disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit” (verse 52). This was convicting because I care way too much what people think. To have any group, let alone a group of religious leaders, upset enough with me to persecute me, ask me to leave their city, and warn me against coming back would certainly not leave me feeling joyous. However, speaking the word of God to a city full of people and witnessing as God changes their hearts and grants them eternal life would be worthy of so much more than joy! I need to work on being far less concerned with what other people think, and far more concerned with honoring my Creator.

Strength: 8 weeks and I’m down half a pound… I had definitely hoped for better than that. However, I am trying to change my perspective from lose weight to simply be healthy. Although my weight has remained constant overall, I am definitely more conscious of my choices where health is concerned. This weekend was hard for me and, to be honest, I didn’t do an excellent job of making healthy choices. I was conscious of them, as I pushed them aside and said, “It’s the last weekend of summer! We need to celebrate!” Of course, celebrating with food is a huge part of the problem. Why can’t I think things like, “It’s time to celebrate! Let’s go for a 5-mile jog!” That never crosses my mind…. Literally, never!

One of the things I’m struggling with is the fact that changing the way we eat changes the way I plan for, purchase, and prepare our food. Unfortunately, I haven’t done a great job of changing all of those things. For the sake of health and finances, I think I need to start meal planning again. That way I’m only purchasing the things we’ll use and we don’t run into the age-old question “What should we have for dinner tonight?” At our house not being prepare for dinner is what leads to eating something that’s quick and not balanced. My favorite me created a year-long meal plan on our calendar that repeats yearly. So all I have to do is look at that and edit it if necessary. Staying at home, I certainly have the time to do that, I just need to get over the idea that ‘I might be able to figure it out without a meal-plan’. You can’t, sweetheart. So, put it on your list of three things and stop letting it be an excuse.


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