MFM: Week 8, Day 3

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Week 8, Day 3

Heart: A giant piece of my heart just rode away on the school bus. Today was my oldest son’s first day of first grade. I’m turning into a blubbering mess right now, but you would have been so proud of how well I controlled myself at the bus stop! Of course I had my phone out snapping all kinds of photos, but I didn’t cry. Not even once! I was just a super excited Momma, so incredibly proud of her big kid! Then I came home and it just felt so quiet… now I’m losing it. I look at this big kid who just a few months ago was driving me crazy! Five years old was such a hard age. But, today I looked at him and realized that he has become such a good friend, so honest, and compassionate. He’s grown a lot in the past few months and more than just physically. He’s learning to be kind, empathetic and funny! As he waved and blew kisses out the window of the bus on his way by it hit me that we’ve moved past that challenge of five years old. I know new challenges will come, but that one is a big mountain that’s behind us now… we did it! And as I think about my big six-year-old, it was totally worth it! He is the coolest big kid I know!


Soul: I mentioned yesterday that our hymn this month is ‘It is Well with My Soul’. That is so very true today… it is well with my soul. I’m still learning that my relationship with God does not have to be dramatic and exceptional every day. Most days it isn’t extraordinary, it’s just ordinary. What’s awesome, though, is He’s teaching me to apply that to other aspects of my life as well. I’ve already spoken about marriage from that perspective. But, life in general, too. Maybe life typically seems so crazy and busy because we’re constantly expecting tomorrow to be better than today. So we push and yearn for tomorrow, this weekend, next year. Do we think that if it isn’t better, we’re moving backward somehow? What I’m discovering is that when I revel in today… just ordinary, good today… the whole world slows down! I’ve been getting to savor special moments- a glass of wine on the front porch with my husband, a quick snuggle in bed with my two-year-old, a silly selfie with my six-year-old before he heads off to the bus, and a soft song to sing my baby girl to sleep. I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything… not even a spectacularly busy, extraordinary day. God is teaching me to fall in love with my ordinary!

Strength: Today is an ordinary day in terms of strength, too. I’m not feeling great about myself (in two months I’ve only maintained), but I’m not feeling terrible either. I know that I’m eating healthier than I was, I’m tracking my steps and being more active. So, regardless of how I feel, I know I’m doing ok and today I’m good with that.


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