MFM: Week 9, Day 2

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Week 9, Day 2

Heart: With Banayner at school and fall settling upon us, my mind has been entertaining the holidays. I haven’t had time to finish the few sewing projects I had on my list from the summer and I’m adding new, fun ideas for gifts faster than I can pin them! The decision to stay home changes our budget quite a bit so I’m having to find ways to lessen the financial burden of the holidays. The problem is I love to give gifts! Especially to the people close to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love to receive gifts, too (who doesn’t), but given the choice I’d rather see the faces of my children when they open a gift they didn’t even know they’d always wanted! Or my husband’s face when he opens something totally unexpected (I’m married to Spock, so these moments of surprise and excitement can be few and far between- it’s what makes them so special). I absolutely love giving a gift that is so completely personal to who that person is that it’s more than just a gift, it’s an expression of love. I want them to feel like the person giving the gift knows them so well, there’s no explanation other than that they are deeply cared about. So this year I’m trying to do that same thing, but find fun things to sew when I can (or rigidly stick to my budget when I can’t). It’s a whole new challenge and, truth be told, I’m kind of loving it!

Soul: I knew that getting settled into a school routine would be a bit of a challenge for Banayner (first year of all-day school), but I did not expect it to be so difficult for me! We have been go-go-go since school started and I haven’t had time to really figure out what a typical day looks like! Worse, I haven’t been able to get up before the kids, make a cup of coffee, and have my quiet time in over a week! So as silly as it sounds I was giddy this morning when I realized that everyone was going to sleep in long enough for me to have quiet time! Busy-ness is good for me, but there’s a fine line between healthy busy-ness and chaotic busy-ness. We’ve been towing the line and my goal is to spend this week trying to contain our schedule a little bit so that we can stay busy in a healthy way. Getting too busy, in an unhealthy way leads me to crave control, which results in having less faith that He will take care of things. I’m excited that I’m able to recognize what’s happening early enough that, with God’s help, I can settle into a routine before it becomes a burden on my soul.

Strength: I don’t have much to say in this area. It’s been busy, which typically results in unhealthy eating. I’ve noticed that though not great, this year has been vastly better than years past. That has a lot to do with the meal plan I set up and followed last week. Not perfect, but better. Ultimately, rather than stress about last week, I want to get a routine settled and focus on the weeks to come!


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