Reusable Snack Bags

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In an effort to spend less, I’ve been trying out some new recipes for homemade snacks. I’ve also been making and freezinghomemade Uncrustables at home to save money, which my kiddos love and so do I. Except that I’m putting each one into a separate Ziplock bag and after going through an entire box in a minute and a half I began to question whether or not I’m actually saving money when I’m using so many Ziplock bags.

A friend showed me some reusable bags she bought at the store and I fell in love with the idea of reusable bags! I figured I could make them pretty easily to save even more money.



1 large vinyl table pad

Fun material (fat quarters work)

White thread

White velcro



  1. Cut material and a piece of vinyl to the desired size. I made some snack size 8″x11″ and some sandwich size 8″x15″.
  2. With right sides facing each other, stitch along the long sides. Trim excess.2016-09-15-16-32-11
  3. Turn so the right sides face out and trim edges.
  4. Fold down the short edges and stitch very close to the edge to seal both ends.2016-09-15-16-35-51
  5. This will leave you with a rectangle that is entirely enclosed. 2016-09-15-16-39-47
  6. Cut velcro about 6.5″ long (you want it about 1/2″ from each edge).
  7. Stitch velcro onto the vinyl at the short ends. 2016-09-15-16-41-41
  8. Once you have the velcro on both ends, fold in half so the vinyl is on the outside and stitch the sides together (we’re creating a French-like seam). 2016-09-15-16-48-58
  9. When you turn it inside out it will give you nice clean edges inside. 2016-09-15-16-50-29
  10. All done, fill with your favorite treats! *Note* It’s not waterproof, but will hold fruit (grapes, apples, etc.), veggies (carrots, celery, etc.), or dry snacks (chips, pretzels, nuts, etc.). 2016-09-15-16-52-19
  11. To clean, turn inside out and wipe with a soapy cloth. Let dry inside out.

Hopefully you enjoy these as much as we do!



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