MFM: Week 12, Day 2

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Week 12, Day 2 (-2 pounds)

Heart: I feel like all I think about lately is parenting. As soon as you think you’ve got something figured out, something else happens and you’re on a whole new roller coaster. Or worse sometimes, you’re starting the same one over again. Last week was hard… but I learned a lot. First, I think satan was trying to get under my skin, but in the end God reminded me that He is on my side. I’m not raising my children alone. In fact, I’m playing a supporting role as He shapes them for His purpose. The other thing He taught me (again…) over the last week is that most of the time effective parenting has less to do with my kids and more to do with my attitude. When I find myself saying “I’ve tried everything!” What I usually mean is “I’ve tried every consequence, punishment, reinforcement I can think of and it’s not changing my kid!” But the problem is usually me. I need to change my perspective and the way I’m approaching the discussion with my kiddo. It’s me that needs to change. When I change my perspective I can approach my kiddos with love instead of shame. Have you ever noticed how much more people listen to love than shame? I’m still learning, and I know I’ll be on this roller coaster again, but I also know that God is faithful and He’ll get us through it again!

Soul: I’m part of a cohort of people from church who are going through a discipleship class together and last night was our first on-campus class. We only have class once per month, so the majority of the course is done individually and with the cohort from church. We’re doing a study about the Gospel (using all four gospels) and discipleship. I knew I wanted to do this class as soon as it was announced at church, but last night someone asked me why… Why did I feel drawn to this course on discipleship? What do I think I’m going to get out of it? What does God want to teach me through it? The honest answer is I don’t know. I have no idea (other than a love of learning) what got me so excited about this class. I have no idea what God wants to teach me and how He plans to change me through this course. What I do know is that I was giddy last night learning about John and the way God used and changed him throughout his life. I know that I can’t wait to dig deeper into scripture and see these four gospels as more than just pen on paper, but as stories. Real, sitting around a campfire, you’ve-got-to-hear-this stories! And then learn how to share them in a way that is so full of love it draws people in so they can’t get enough!

Strength: Over the past few weeks I’ve been waking up with pain in my back. I’ve adjusted my bed (thank You, Lord for sleep number beds) but it hasn’t seemed to help this time around. So, last week I started stretching in the morning to help warm up my back before I start my day. And I figured since I was on the floor stretching anyway, I might as well get something of a workout in at the same time. So, for a little more than a week I’ve been stretching and doing a short Pilates-style workout in the morning. I didn’t blog about it at first because I wasn’t sure if it seemed worth blogging about. I mean, really, ten minutes in the morning doing little more than stretching, leg lifts, and planks doesn’t really count, right? But I was telling my husband a few days ago that the point isn’t how much I’m doing right now. The point, at least for now, is that I want to do something. I want to be improving and even this, as miniscule as it may seem, is improvement. I also started taking measurements of various body parts so I can track inches. I figure that sometimes, even when the weight doesn’t change, the body still does. So, if all I can get excited about, to keep myself going, is a quarter of an inch off of my thigh or waist, I’ll take it! As of this morning I’m down two pounds and just over two inches. Like I said, I’ll take it!


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