MFM: Week 12, Day 5

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Week 12, Day 5 (-3 pounds)

Heart: Last night, Banayner and I did his first 5k! I think I blogged about virtual races awhile back. This was a virtual race and it allowed him to participate without the stress of way too many people. It also allowed us to do it when it worked for us. We chose to do it on date night and it was a perfect date! He was so proud of himself and so excited about the medal he got (it’s an awesome medal, complete with glasses and mustache)! As we got close to the finish he noticed Daddy and Bubby outside cheering him to the finish, so he gathered up all the energy he had left and ran the last little bit to “finish strong”. Being strong is important when you’re a 6-year-old boy. Ok, being strong is important when you’re a boy of any age! I haven’t seen him smile this much for the past few weeks. His struggle with impulsive behavior has really been weighing on all of us. He’s had a good past few days and last night’s accomplishment was well-earned and a much-needed affirmation for him. He’s already set a new goal for himself to do 4 miles when he turns 7. One more year, one more mile! I am so proud of this kid!


Soul: I’ve never been an avid Bible reader. I do it because I need to know scripture if I want my life to reflect Christ’s, but to be totally honest, it’s a struggle for me. A lot of the time I find the Bible just isn’t a fast-paced enough book to hold my interest. I’m super excited about this class I’m taking, though, because it’s given me insight into all of the connections and side plots going on! Things that I’ve missed in the past because I didn’t take the time to really read, just enough to check it off my to-do list. I also got a glimpse of the story of Jesus told more like a historical event and less like a fairytale. Why has the life of Jesus always felt fairytale-ish to me?! Is that why it’s so hard to share with others? Because it sounds like the story of Santa or the Easter Bunny? This isn’t a fairytale- it’s history! It’s a man who literally walked the earth. It’s a man who gave up everything he had to serve and love people! Even if He wasn’t God, it’s a story worth talking about, but how much more since He is God?! I can’t wait to dive deeper into the story of Jesus and experience it in an all new way!

Strength: Well, I’m down 3 pounds and 3.5 inches! I don’t know if it was a change in attitude, if it’s motivation from seeing success, or something else I can’t quite name. Whatever it was, I’m developing a habit and that’s good news! What’s better is that I’m not the only one developing a habit. Bubby came into my room this morning and said, “Mommy can we go exercise yet?” It made my heart happy that he knows I’m going to exercise and he wants to join me. It reminds me that my choices affect so much more than just me. Sometimes it’s easy to forget we have little eyes watching us to see what’s important in this life. This habit is important for so much more than losing weight or just getting healthy. It teaches my children that being healthy is important and valuable. His posture could use some work, especially when it comes to planks (think downward facing dog), but we’ve got time for that!


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