MFM: Week 13, Day 3

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Week 13, Day 3

Heart: Yesterday was a very productive day! I made a hooded towel and eight (yes, 8!) pairs of leg warmers for baby girl (I might need to post a tutorial, they were beyond easy… two seams and done)! Bubby and I played ‘Organize and Clean Your Room’ which was greeted with much more enthusiasm than I expected. And Banayner, after an awesome day at school, decided to clean not only his bedroom, but also the kids’ play room! We were able to get lots done and have a lot of fun while we were doing it! Too bad it isn’t that easy to accomplish on a regular basis! Biggest influence yesterday??? My attitude! I decided to treat everything like a game and it made everything seem like fun! Who knew I could fool my kiddos with a simple change of my own attitude! Guess I’ll have to put that in my back pocket for use again soon!


Soul: It’s incredible how a productive and fun-filled day with your kiddos can have such a powerful effect spiritually. Yesterday was so much more than productive; it was good for my soul. I’d really been down about Banayner’s behavior and yesterday was the 5th day in a row of excellent behavior! That coupled with just an all-around good day left my heart happy. God is good. Even when life is hard, God is good. He is faithful and reminds us of that through the littlest things. Yesterday was a good reminder for me!

Strength: Nothing throws off a good week like a holiday schedule! I know not everyone’s schedule gets thrown off by Columbus Day, but if your husband works in the banking industry it does. My routine with stretching, exercising and even eating better got totally thrown off this weekend. But, that’s life. I need to figure out how to get through these weekends and just get back to it. So yesterday was day one of continuing! It seemed easier to start because I noticed that my back was sore from 4 days of not stretching. I was, dare I say it, eager to stretch and exercise because I knew it would set me up for a better day! Here’s to being eager to exercise!!


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