MFM: Week 14, Day 1

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Week 14, Day 1 (-3 pounds)

Heart: My sweet baby girl is 6 ½ months old and she’s breastfed longer at this point than either of my boys did. I was so proud of myself that we were able to go longer with her! However, I didn’t anticipate that breastfeeding longer would introduce new things like teeth… She started biting last week. Let me tell you… Ow!!! And the worst part isn’t the actual bite, it’s the cut that’s left and gets exacerbated every 4 hours when she eats again! You know the feeling of biting a canker sore? You know, how you just keep biting the same spot? Yeah, it’s kinda like that… but I didn’t want to hurt her by flicking her. I read on the La Leche League website that it’s impossible for an infant to bite when they’re latched on and eating (the physics of it just doesn’t allow for biting), which made me realize that it wasn’t while she ate that I got bit, it was when she seemed almost done and had started to almost ‘play’. So, I started really watching for that moment when she would transition from eating to playing and we started switching sides/ending the feeding right then. Amazingly, she hasn’t bitten me since (fists pounding on wood), which has been about 4 days. It’s silly for something like that to make me feel so proud as a mom, but it does! I was able to find a solution that got to the root of the problem rather than simply punishing the behavior, and it worked! That’s my goal with all of my kids- get to the root of what’s causing the problem, don’t just try to slap a band-aid on the behavior through punishment. It was just so exciting to see it at work, even in my baby girl.

Soul: Last week was the two-year anniversary of the death of one of my students. I had him as a freshman and again as a senior- it was his senior year that he died. Every year I get really emotional, and this year is no different. However, this year had the added emotional blow of my step-dad having surgery this week. He’ll be in the hospital a minimum of 10 days, more likely 12 and possibly more depending on healing. It took until after his surgery for me to let my defenses down. I think I was trying to be strong so that my kids wouldn’t sense the severity of his surgery. Once he got through the surgery and my mom texted me that everything was ok, I lost it. I fell apart and realized how scared I’d been and how hard I’d been pushing it down to keep my kids’ world as normal as possible. As silly as I felt having lost it, I think that’s one way that I release things to God. I try to stay strong until I can’t anymore and in a moment of total surrender I just give it all to Him- “I can’t carry all of this, I need You to carry some of it!” And, incredibly, he wants to. He’s standing there, like a husband after grocery shopping, waiting for me to stop juggling it all by myself and hand a bunch of it over to Him.

Strength: If I’m being honest, the past two weeks have been rough physically. My body just feels ‘off’. I’m not sure if it’s sickness (it’s certainly the season), stress, or something else, but it’s thrown me off. I’ve had headaches every day for the past week (and I don’t usually get headaches), all of a sudden my face is broken out and I’m getting canker sores in my mouth. I have been feeling sick, but only a little bit here and there. Anyway, I haven’t felt much like weighing. When your body feels ‘off’, sometimes you just don’t want the reminder that it’s having an effect on weight, too. But, I have been exercising every other morning. It helps stretch my back and actually (dare I say it) feels good to get my body moving and the blood flowing. I finally got up the courage to weigh this morning and was surprised to have maintained my weight in the past week and a half, and even more surprised to have lost almost 2.5 inches! That puts me at just under 6 inches lost altogether! Like I said, I’m looking for success wherever I can find it- so I’ll take it! Hopefully things start feeling normal again soon.


One thought on “MFM: Week 14, Day 1

    Mom said:
    October 18, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    I love you. Stress and worry do many awful things to our body and our mind. Hugs


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