MFM: Week 15, Day 1

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Week 15, Day 1 (-3 pounds)

Heart: I need to brag on my husband again. He completed a Spartan Beast race this weekend! Not only was this his first Spartan of any kind, but he did it in the competitive category! And he beat his goal by almost an hour and a half! He seriously is a beast! I’m so proud of how hard he worked to accomplish what he did! He’s such a stud! The best part was seeing how great he looked at the finish! I’ve seen a lot of people finish races and they always look exhausted, but sometimes they have a spark in their eyes and you know that despite being physically drained, they had a blast and feel great! That’s how he finished the Spartan race. I could tell that he was completely drained physically, but he had a huge smile on his face and I knew he had loved it! As his wife, I couldn’t be more proud of what he accomplished and how hard he worked for it! And I couldn’t be happier that he had a blast doing it! Next, he’s got Ironman on his agenda, but he’s already told me that a Spartan Trifecta is in his future, too! I couldn’t be more excited for him! Does supporting my husband in these hobbies count as a hobby for me? It certainly feels like a lot of my time and energy go into it, and I love it!


Soul: In preparing for class tonight I read the beginning of John 3, a dialogue between Jesus and Nicodemus (a Pharisee). I read it in a few translations and found it rather confusing, which worried me because Nicodemus also found it confusing. But upon reading verse 21 for the third or fourth time I paused… “Whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.” I went back and reread it several times and in several different translations because it seems so freeing. If the things I’ve done have been done in the sight of God, who can hold them against me. If someone were to try to shame me by saying, “You did such-and-such.” I have the freedom to respond with, “Yes, and God knows it. He’s forgiven and cleansed me.” Who can hold it against me after that?! It’s only when we try to stay hidden in the darkness that the light is scary, because it reveals everything. If we live in the light, there’s nothing to hold against us.

Strength: I maintained this week! Woohoo! When the week included a trip for the race, I’ll count that a success! I was motivated by my husband this weekend. He set a goal that seemed insane and he worked hard to achieve it! I’ve done that in the past (e.g. the half marathon), but I’ve never considered weight something that falls in that category. I think that’s mostly because I truly don’t feel like I could ever actually achieve it. This weekend I decided to screw that attitude and set my next goal as an amount I’d like to lose (not necessarily a timeline, but an amount) and work toward that specific goal. In the past, I’ve avoided specific weight-loss amounts because I didn’t want to set myself up for failure, but all I’ve done is gain the weight back. This time I think I’m going to aim for an amount I’ve never lost before- a little more than feels possible, but not unrealistic. This way I can feel the accomplishment of doing something that felt a little bit impossible! I’m also picking rewards for every 5 pounds (and not a single one is food!) to encourage myself on this journey. My kids have a sticker chart for good choices- this is all but a sticker chart for me! My first reward comes at 5 pounds and I get to go get a manicure. I don’t ever get my nails done, so this is a treat for me! Only 2 pounds to go!


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