MFM: Week 15, Day 2

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Week 15, Day 2 (-4 pounds)

Heart: I’m getting so excited for advent season! But I need to be careful and make sure to enjoy the autumn while it’s here- I truly love autumn!! In trying to be present in the here and now with my kids, we’ve done a few fun little harvest activities! Normally we color pumpkins instead of carving them because, let’s be honest, it’s way less work for Mom! But this year, since I’m not working and we have the extra time and energy, we decided to carve pumpkins! The boys each picked what they wanted their pumpkins to look like (an angry bird and Daniel Tiger) and they were pretty specific. Mom did not get to make any changes, I had to do it exactly like they wanted! Lol, but they were happy and that’s what matters. They both got to help clean out the ‘guts’ and I have the awesome disgusted-faced pictures to prove it! Once our pumpkins were done we roasted the seeds! We decided to do a sweet recipe (cinnamon & sugar) and a savory recipe (pizza) just for fun! The boys had a blast! Then we made footprint pictures! They each put a white footprint on an orange piece of paper and we turned them into ghosts. Then they colored the rest of the picture! We got a spooky tree with spiders and Frankenstein from Banayner and a beautiful rainbow from Bubby! They are currently hanging in the hallway in some open frames we use to display the kids’ artwork! It adds a very festive touch to the wall!


Soul: Last night at my class, the professor was going through the signs and dialogues in John 2-11. He spent quite a bit of time at the end discussing the resurrection of Lazarus. I found it so interesting from the perspective of the book I’m reading with my journey group. I had never considered the parallels between the story of Lazarus and Jesus’ own death and resurrection. One of the questions that was brought up last night was why Jesus had allowed Lazarus to die. Just a few chapters prior, he had saved the Roman official’s son from a distance before he died. Why hadn’t He done the same for Lazarus? Why allow him to die and remain dead for several days? Obviously He had a reason, but it’s not easy for us to identify. Similarly, couldn’t God have just raised Jesus on Friday, right after He died? He absolutely could have, He’s God! But He chose not to. He chose to let Jesus remain dead through what was probably a terrifying, grief-filled, and utterly hopeless Saturday. Jesus wept with Mary after Lazarus died and I’ve always wondered what it was about Lazarus’ death (knowing he would live again) that touched Jesus so deeply. Last night I found myself wondering if He knew how closely Lazarus’ death mirrored His own. I wonder if some of His grief came from the despair of what He knew was coming. Knowing that His family, friends, disciples would be going through this same grief, despair and hopelessness because His resurrection would come for a few days.

Strength: As of today, I’m down 4 pounds and 7.5 inches! I’ve also added a few exercises and reps to my workouts in the morning. I’m actually enjoying letting my body guide my workouts. I stretch because my body needs it (specifically my back…. Ugh) and then I do exercises and reps based on what my body feels like it can handle. If I’m feeling great, I do a few more! I’m trying to let that feeling of success sink in and penetrate my self-destructive thoughts. I may not be as strong or as fast as some of the people around me, but I am stronger than I was last week! And there is absolutely no shame in that!


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