MFM: Week 16, Day 5

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Week 16, Day 5

Heart: Halloween was this week and it was awesome! My kiddos were so adorable! Donald Duck was a fan favorite for sure, Banayner was so proud! And Bubby charmed his way into nearly twice as much candy as the other kids! Baby girl hung out with Daddy, but she was a precious little pumpkin! They’re already brainstorming what they want to be next year for Halloween! Banayner’s thinking some sort of angry bird and I’m trying to convince Bubby to be a UPS man. Can you imagine a 3-year-old UPS man knocking on the door with a box to collect his candy?! So sweet! I don’t know what baby girl will be, but I’m sure it’ll be something way girly, maybe with a tutu? (I’m so loving having a girl!) Now my focus can transition from Halloween costumes to Christmas presents. I’m sewing mermaid and shark tail blankets for the kiddos. They’ll get them wrapped up with new books this year- they’re going to love it, I’m so excited!


Soul: For my discipleship class, we were asked to write a paper about being the presence of God’s grace and truth in the world. It got me thinking a lot about justice, mercy, and the verse Micah 6:8, which I’ve always loved but have found confusing. It seems so Christianese, “Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God”. However, at a Bible study a few years ago the verbs really hit me: act, love, walk. Though all technically stemming from me, they seem to have different focuses. Act: this is entirely about me and the way I act. I need to make sure that the things I say and do are just. Love: this one seems to be focused on how I love others. While I seek justice for my own actions, I need to be merciful in my dealings with others. I need to treat them with love and mercy. Walk: seems to refer to an active role in my relationship with Jesus. Ant not in a know-it-all, holier-than-thou sort of way, but in a humble, serving and awe-filled way. This has been awesome in that I have high expectations of myself (act justly), while being kind and generous to others (love mercy) and honest and genuine in my relationship with Christ (walk humbly). I think the only way others will see God’s grace and truth in us is if we can show them grace in the way we treat others and truth in the way we act and walk with Christ.

Strength: Well, I haven’t lost any more weight since I last logged in, but I’ve lost more inches (I’m down ten now)! Halloween is the start of the worst time of year for trying to lose weight. There’s enough candy to last through Thanksgiving, then there’s enough pies and cookies to get far enough into advent season for those cookies, pies, and desserts to show up. Ugh, there’s no letting up until January! I have found myself struggling with having chocolate around! However, I have also found that I’m doing better than in years past because this blog keeps popping into my head! Plus, I’m still getting up and exercising virtually every day and I don’t want to have spent that time in vain. What’s been the most helpful, however, are a few articles I’ve found about women who have gone through very healthy and sustainable weight loss. One of them lost over one hundred pounds, but it took her three years. Immediately I found myself thinking, “Geez, was it even worth it if it took that long” but I caught myself and realized that’s got to be a huge reason I struggle with weight loss. You can tell just looking at her that it was worth it, her pride radiates from her! But, for some reason, in my mind it seems like it’s only worth it if it’s quick. It won’t be quick if I want it to last. It can’t be… it’s going to take a complete re-haul of the way I see myself. So, I got up this morning, exercised and got out my tape measure for some much-needed encouragement! Ten inches is definitely encouraging! Now I just need to keep telling that voice in my head who says I’m not worthy to shut up.


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