MFM: Week 18, Day 5

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Week 18, Day 5 (-5 pounds)

Heart: We decided to have meatloaf the other night. Since we started using ground turkey, it’s been missing that ‘beefy’ flavor. I discovered that adding a touch (roughly 1 tsp) of liquid smoke gave it just the flavor we were missing! Meatloaf is a favorite of mine, and my kids like it, but they don’t seem to love it. So, I decided to try a twist on it. We made meatloaf cupcakes with whipped potato frosting! Then we drizzled ketchup ‘glaze’ over them and sprinkled pepper ‘sprinkles’ on top. They got such a kick out of it! My husband even seemed to like them! The next day Bubby even asked for a cupcake with his quesadilla for lunch! I don’t think that boy has ever wanted leftover meatloaf! I highly recommend it if you need a little twist on the classic!

Soul: I was reading in the book of John again today and came across John 17:20 “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message”. Jesus is in the middle of praying, specifically for the disciples. But he breaks for a moment to pray for more than just the disciples, he prays for everyone who will believe the message they spread. I’ve read that many times, but this morning it hit me that he’s talking about us, about me. Jesus literally prayed for me. I’ve always known that He knows my name and that my sins were among those He took on the cross. But I’d never realized that there is a verse devoted to His prayer for me! It blew my mind to have more than just the belief, but the evidence that He thought of me.

Strength: I maintained again, and lost another inch! I’m worried about the upcoming holidays, to be honest. Especially with things like Dutch cran-apple and bourbon pumpkin pies on the menu! As long as I remember that I want this to be more about health than weight-loss I can focus on indulging in small, healthy portions. That, combined with continuing to be active, should get me through the holidays alright. As long as I don’t get caught up in a ‘screw it, it’s the holidays’ attitude!


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