MFM: Week 19, Day 2

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Week 19, Day 2 (-5 pounds)

Heart: It’s beginning to smell a lot like the holidays around our house. Yesterday we baked 8 dozen cookies and made some special pilgrim hat cookies! The boys had so much fun making them and they turned out so cute! Today we’re going to start the pie process and tomorrow, we’ll pre-cook whatever we can to get ready for Thanksgiving! I love baking for the holidays, but sometimes I get carried away and bake more than I planned on baking! So, this year, especially where cookies are concerned, I decided to bake two type of cookies out of every dough recipe. I wanted Oatmeal Raisin cookies, but rather than end up with 4 dozen of one type of cookie, I split the recipe and also made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies (2 dozen of each). Two dozen cookies is more than enough of each type for our get-togethers. We also wanted Cranberry White Chocolate Chip cookies, so we quickly made some Reese’s Pieces cookies also. I could have just made the two types I wanted, but everyone knows looking at a plate full of a variety of cookies is way more exciting than just a couple different types. So, to get all 4 types of cookies, we ended up with only 8 dozen instead of 16 dozen. We certainly don’t need 16 dozen cookies sitting around our house! Well, I guess we don’t really need 8 dozen either…


Soul: A good friend of mine preached on Sunday at church about deep relationships. She likened Christians to icebergs in that sometimes we only show what we want others to see and keep the rest (the vast majority of who we are) hidden from sight. Whether we do it out of fear, shame, or something else entirely, hiding who we are limits our relationships. It’s not that we need to make our life an open book to everyone we meet, but we need a few people with whom we are able to reveal ourselves. All of ourselves. We need honest fellowship that encourages, challenges, and grows us. But to have this kind of fellowship, we have to let others see the mess that is our humanness. Pretending it isn’t there leaves us to try to sort through it alone, in the dark. That’s just where satan like to come alongside us and skew our perspective. When we bring others into our lives to walk life with us, satan has no foothold. We don’t need to listen to his lying voice when we have those we love and trust to turn to.

Strength: We ordered pizza the other night. It was the first time we’ve ordered pizza in several months. We even ordered from my favorite place! Their bread sticks are my absolute, hands-down, no-questions-asked, midnight-pregnancy-craving favorite!!! And they didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, everything else did! The pizza was greasy and, while good, wasn’t outstanding. I looked at my husband after dinner and said, “Well, that wasn’t as good as I expected” and he agreed. But I don’t think it was the pizza (I’m pretty sure the pizza was the same as always), I think it was the result of how much better we’ve been eating lately. We haven’t been eating out, virtually, at all. Our meals have been high in protein (chicken, ground turkey, etc.) with healthy sides like steamed broccoli or roasted green beans. I think the pizza was a shock to our systems. As disappointed as we were with the pizza, it was reassuring to realize that our habits are changing. Even when it feels like nothing is happening, especially in terms of weight, I’m at a much better place than I was 6 months (or even 19 weeks) ago!


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