MFM: Week 20, Day 2

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Week 20, Day 2

Heart: I was recently introduced to essential oils and it has taken over my time!! I am on Pinterest or Google trying to find recipes or learn more about it every chance I get! I’m so excited to try out some different blends and see how beneficial it will be for my family! I’m totally in the honeymoon phase right now- super excited, craving more information and all of the different recipes I can get my hands on! I’ve got a starter kit on the way, which will give me lots of different oils to play around with. But, what I’m most excited for… roller parties! I can’t wait to have some girlfriends over and chat, eat, drink, and hang out while we make rollers! I’ll get to learn a ton and hopefully find some awesome new roller recipes to try!

Soul: We’ve been so busy this week that I feel like I neglected my soul. It was definitely a Martha type week for me. I was convicted at church Sunday about allowing busy-ness to get in the way of seeking Jesus. As advent season arrives, I can’t wait for the activities, music, lights, and general busy-ness, but I want to strive this year to not let it overshadow Christ. Rather, I want it to be exactly what it is intended to be… a celebration of Christ. Something secondary, supportive, that reminds me exactly Who I serve!

Strength: Thanksgiving was crazy busy! I barely had time to think if it wasn’t about ingredients, oven temperatures or bake time! Don’t get me wrong, it was fabulous! We hosted a dessert on Tuesday night, a brunch Thursday morning, a dinner Thursday night and a lunch on Saturday. They weren’t all full-blown meals, but they were busy nonetheless. The biggest praise in all of it was being able to host at our house. My kids had their toys to play with, their own beds to sleep in, and we could stick to the routines they know and (deep down) love. We didn’t eat as healthy as we have been (c’mon, Bourbon pumpkin pie?!) but we managed to keep it in check! Now I just need to get back into my morning routine- get up early, stretch and exercise, read the Bible and blog! Why does returning to a normal routine always seem to take longer than the actual holiday itself?!


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