MFM: Week 21, Day 1

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Week 21, Day 1


Heart: Advent season is upon us!!! I adore this time of year! On the 1st, we started our advent activity countdown. We do one fun activity every day leading up to Christmas Day. Some days it’s as simple as making paper snowflakes or footprint snowmen to decorate the house. Other days it’s puppet shows or silly glow-stick baths. And sometimes the activities are more winter-y things like sledding or more Christmas-y, like taking cookies to a neighbor. The boys love it! I love it! And it extends this wonderful, magical time of year! It feels like we celebrate all month long!


This year we also decided to do an Advent nativity coloring activity. I wanted to do something every night that reminds us of exactly why we celebrate Christmas. Each day the boys get a picture to color that has to do with the birth of Jesus and while they color, we read scripture to them. Each picture adds to the nativity, so that by Christmas Day we will have a complete picture of the nativity. We’re only through day 4 at this point so they’re still working on the setting. They put up stars (to represent that Jesus was a descendant of Abraham), the city of Bethlehem in the background (because that’s where it was prophesied that Jesus would be born), a stable (because the guest room wasn’t available), and palm trees (to represent the Branch that will bear fruit). Yes, some of them are a stretch, but the boys are hearing the story of Jesus’ birth every night through both the Old and New Testaments, so I love it!


Soul: There are certain things I’m good at giving to God. It’s pretty easy for me to recognize the things He’s blessed me with and I don’t usually have a problem giving Him the glory and thanks for those things. I’ve even been pretty decent, though not perfect, at trusting Him with finances. Listening for His nudges and following His lead, and trusting that He will bless our financial decisions if we make them wisely. But, I struggle to trust Him with the things I feel like I should be able to control. I don’t’ trust Him well with weight. I guess it’s a burden that I feel like I own, it’s my job (my consequence?) to suffer through the ‘fixing it’ by myself. Similarly, it’s somewhat hard for me to allow God’s presence in my grief. I don’t know if I falsely believe that I should be able to keep it under control and so I need to just suck it up and try to be strong. Lately, however, those things have been weighing on me. A lot. At some point, I need to allow the truth to seep into my entire being. The truth that God doesn’t want me to do these things alone. That I wasn’t created to walk through this by myself. That I don’t have to be strong enough, because He can be strong for me and I can just rest in Him. Maybe it’s okay to be upset and frustrated, and maybe I don’t have to hide that from God. Maybe I’m allowed to let Him see the frustration, the hurt, the discouragement, the absolute hopelessness. Maybe He doesn’t expect me to be perfect, so maybe I can let go of that expectation of myself…

Strength: I’m at a loss… and not a weight loss. I’m feeling so discouraged! I get on here and use all of the logical truths I know about being healthy to try to muster up enough strength to get through the next few days, but it hasn’t been very effective. I’m discouraged because baby girl is 8 months old and, by this point with both boys, I’d lost a significant amount of weight. What I realized a couple of days ago, though, is that I didn’t lose weight with either of the boys while I was nursing. Banayner stopped nursing at 6 months and in the two-three months following, I lost 40 pounds. Bubby also stopped nursing at 6 months and in the four-five months following, I lost 50+ pounds. But, don’t ‘they’ say that women are supposed to lose weight while they’re nursing? I mean, isn’t my body supposed to be burning extra calories? I’ve been eating right (not starving myself), staying active, making sure my calorie intake is less than what I’m burning… and nothing! I guess, technically, it’s not nothing. I’ve lost 5 pounds. But, come on! It’s so hard to fight the mental battle when the things that are supposed to work, aren’t! I don’t even have a plan today. I don’t have any words to try to motivate or uplift… today I’m just feeling discouraged, defeated, and exhausted with the battle…


2 thoughts on “MFM: Week 21, Day 1

    bittybitsblog said:
    December 6, 2016 at 6:08 pm

    I LOVE the picture frame idea with the footprint snowmen! What a great way to show off kids’ art all year long! Did you put together the coloring nativity all by yourself? That’s a brilliant idea, especially for younger kids! The boys look like they’re having a blast, too! 🙂


    scullycj responded:
    December 6, 2016 at 6:17 pm

    I found a 15 day advent scripture list that connected aspects of the nativity to scripture. Then I modified and added to it so we could do it for the full 25 days and added coloring pages. I wanted them to have something fun to do that would stay up all season as a reminder. So far, they’re loving it!

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