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Our Advent activity yesterday was a craft I saw on Pinterest- Faux Granite Coasters. Oh. My. Word. This was so much fun! The coloring with Sharpies, the fire, the beautiful designs, the fire, the creativity, the fire! The boys had an absolute blast- all of them, including Daddy!! Even Thorin, my three-year-old, made coasters! That’s the most wonderful thing about these coasters- if your kiddo can color, (s)he can help make these coasters! It’s worth mentioning that, while coloring tiles is an excellent job for the kiddos, only an adult should handle the alcohol and light the fire.  Before attempting this craft, you should go check out the video of how to make these from It’s Always Autumn. The video is super helpful! I followed her instructions pretty much step-by-step, but I’m going to post it here since it’s split into two posts on her blog. These are seriously the cutest coasters and so much fun to make! Whether for gifts, an Advent activity, or just for the fun of it! Enjoy!



Cookie Sheet

Aluminum Foil

White 4”x4” Square Tiles


91% Rubbing Alcohol

Dropper for Alcohol (optional)


Spray Bottle

Polyurethane Spray

Self-Stick Felt Pads



  • Cover cookie sheet with aluminum foil, so you have a safe place to burn the alcohol.
  • Using the colors of your choice, scribble on the tile so there is plenty of color. We used a combination of 4 colors and got the most vibrant and beautiful designs!2016-12-06-19-24-01-1
  • *Place the colored tile on the aluminum covered cookie sheet and use dropper to place alcohol on the tile. You don’t want to use too much alcohol for safety reasons, but you need enough to cause the colors to bleed and run. I would err on the side of less.2016-12-06-20-00-39-1
  • *Carefully, light the tile on fire and watch in wonder and amazement as the alcohol burns off leaving a beautiful design.2016-12-06-20-04-42-1
  • *After the fire is completely out, spray lightly with more alcohol and burn it off again. This causes a faux granite-like finish.2016-12-06-19-25-53-1
  • Set aside to dry. We made 4 coasters per set.
  • Color the edges of the coasters to give them a more “finished” look.
  • *Spray with a coat of polyurethane to seal.
  • Adhere the self-stick felt pads to the bottom to protect furniture.
  • Enjoy your gorgeous new coasters!2016-12-06-20-06-58-1

*Step should only be completed by an adult.


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    MFM: Week 22, Day 2 « My Journey said:
    December 13, 2016 at 5:16 pm

    […] due to the lack of snow it ended up an epic pillow fight (another favorite)! Day 6 the boys made coasters (a favorite because of the fire and the ‘magical’ and beautiful designs)! Day 7 we gave Daddy a […]


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