MFM: Week 22, Day 1

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Week 22, Day 1 (-5 pounds)

Heart: This year we felt the need to add a cultural activity to our Advent activity calendar. So, this weekend we made a Buche de Noel (Yule Log Cake). We talked a little bit about how people celebrate Christmas differently in other countries. We didn’t go into as much detail as I’d have liked, so I’ll have to revisit it. But, I love that we at least talked about it a little bit. And I love that the kids got to bake something new and fun!! The boys thought it was super fun to make a cake that looked like a log! Plus, our Advent activity the next night was a Pajama Dessert Picnic, so we busted out our special dessert and had a pajama party! I’m thinking next year we may have to do a Mexican Rosca de Reyes (King’s Cake) and hide a plastic baby Jesus for someone to find! I’m eager to learn about and share different cultural Christmas celebrations with my kiddos!


Soul: Sometimes the scariest thing ever is realizing that, as a parent, you are responsible for teaching your kiddos how to be human beings! We try to do the best we can and inevitably screw it up anyway. At least, that’s how it feels sometimes. But, sometimes, we get the most precious moments of foreshadowing. A tiny glimpse of the future humans our kiddos will become. Yesterday, I got a little preview of what Banayner might be like as he gets older. First thing in the morning, he noticed that it had snowed and asked if he could help shovel, so that Dad wouldn’t have to do it all. Then he helped teach Bubby how to shovel so Bubby could help, too. He had no expectations, just wanted to help his Daddy and teach his little brother to do the same. It was super sweet! Inside of that hyper, energetic, fun-loving, silly, six-year-old is one of the most caring and considerate people I know. Not just among kids, but among people in general. It’s such a joy to my soul to see this in him. He also told me about a bad dream he had and when I asked what he thought caused it from the day before he said, “Nothing mom. It was just satan.” It took me by surprise that he was so nonchalant about it. It was just satan attacking, which means that we can pray and God will take care of it. While I am so incredibly proud of his faith, I’m also convicted by it. I tend to feel the need to explain things. Sometimes God is part of the explanation, but it’s like I have this compulsion to be able to scientifically explain what happened. But sometimes, satan is just on the attack. And sometimes, it just takes praying about it to make it right. Oh to have faith like that of my children!

2016-12-11 09.37.42.jpg

Strength: I’m still maintaining my weight and I’ve lost another inch and a half. I should probably feel better about this than I do, but I’m still feeling pretty discouraged. Not nearly as defeated as I was last week, but definitely still discouraged. Maybe I need more realistic expectations for the holiday season. To maintain my weight through Thanksgiving was probably more of a feat than I realize. Same goes for the rest of December… if I can get to January maintaining my weight, I can probably feel pretty darn good about that! Now, I just need to convince myself that that’s true…


2 thoughts on “MFM: Week 22, Day 1

    bittybitsblog said:
    December 16, 2016 at 10:56 pm

    That yule log is gorgeous! What recipe did you use? And I love the idea of a pajama dessert party! So fun!


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