MFM: Week 22, Day 2

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Week 22, Day 2

Heart: We’re well into Advent now. In fact, it’s half over! We are having so much fun doing our Advent activities as we prepare for and celebrate the birth of Christ! Banayner was so excited last night because we have officially moved from the setting of our Advent Nativity to our first character (apparently, it’s way more fun to color people than props)! I figure I’ll recap the first 8 days of Advent, so I’ll remember them for next year… Day 1 we made homemade garlands and hung them around the house along with Christmas lights. Day 2 the boys took a glow stick bath (this was a favorite for sure)! Day 3 we made paper snowflakes to decorate the house. Day 4 the boys put on a Christmas puppet show. Day 5 was supposed to be a snowball fight, but due to the lack of snow it ended up an epic pillow fight (another favorite)! Day 6 the boys made coasters (a favorite because of the fire and the ‘magical’ and beautiful designs)! Day 7 we gave Daddy a special gift. And day 8 we made paper ornaments to finish decorating the tree! We usually do our Advent activity in the afternoon/evening, but every morning I get a reminder that “We can’t forget to do Advent tonight!!” Like we’ve ever forgotten! But apparently, it’s worth the reminder. Every. Single. Day. It makes my heart happy!


Soul: God is so good. He is teaching me to loosen my grip of control and trust Him to take care of things. I’m realizing that it has been happening without me even realizing it! The more I trust Him, the easier it becomes to trust Him. I’m at the point now that I look back at the past year and nearly have a panic attack at the choices we made. They were made out of faith and God has blessed us because of them. We made those choices out of obedience, with no fear or panic at the time. I made the decision to quit my job and stay home with my kids… and I made that decision in peace! We made the decision to sell our rental home, again a decision made with peaceful hearts! We don’t know the outcome of those decisions, yet. Financially, it could be tough if God doesn’t intervene. But, right now He is providing and we have peace knowing the He is faithful. In fact, I think it’s scarier looking back than forward. When I look back I see everything that could have gone wrong, but when I look forward I know that God already has a plan and His plan is good!

Strength: I was reminded this morning of the name of this journey I’m taking… “My Favorite Me”. It hit me kind of hard that this journey isn’t supposed to be about weight loss or being thin, per se. But, rather, about being the me I miss. The me who made wise choices about eating and exercising. The me who realized how damaging it can be to my family when I spend time hating myself because of disappointment or discouragement. The me who took selfies with her husband and kiddos because loving them and creating memories with them was more important than whether or not she liked the way she looked. That me was thinner, yes, but not skinny by any means. That me wasn’t everyone’s ideal in terms of body shape or weight. But, that was my favorite me. I needed today’s reminder of what this journey is all about. And, maybe more importantly, what it’s not about.


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