MFM: Week 25, Day 4

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Week 25, Day 4

Heart: I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since I last blogged! Banayner’s Christmas break started and I never looked back. I made the conscious decision to put blogging aside and just enjoy my family while they were home! Tim even took a week and a half off of work! It was so nice to have my entire family home to celebrate the holidays… truly beyond words! We had more get-togethers than I have fingers and nine of them (yes, nine!!) were at our house! Don’t get me wrong, I love having people over at our house and with three children it’s much easier on me if we’re home with their toys and beds, but it certainly made for a busy couple of weeks. Busy and wonderful! However, if I’m being honest, I am relieved that the routine of school and work has returned. As fabulous as our holiday was (and I wouldn’t change it for the world) I also love the certainty of our normal routine.


We finished our Advent celebration with fun activities like baking cookies and taking them to neighbors, baking a birthday cake for Jesus, putting out Santa sacks (the kids fill them with old toys for Santa to ‘fix’ and take to other kiddos), and sledding on the stairs (which didn’t turn out nearly as epic as we expected)! They also completed their nativity scene and it is a beautiful sight! The 2016 Advent season was truly one for the books!!

Soul: As 2016 wrapped up I found myself struggling with trusting God to take care of our finances. I was feeling pretty good about it, even blogged about it, but apparently satan saw the blog that week and decided to toss a wrench in… I have been getting nervous that our rental house won’t sell instead of trusting that God has it under control. I’ve begun frantically searching for options and backup plans, and not in a healthy, ‘it’s always good to have a backup plan’ kind of way, but in a ‘what if God doesn’t take care of it’ kind of way. Like there’s ever been a time He didn’t take care of it. Looking back at experience, He’s only ever been faithful to provide what we need or to peacefully change our direction, and yet I feel panicked. I think I need to spend less time frantically searching for back doors and start praying for direction and peace.

Strength: So, the holidays… Rather than stress myself out this year, I enjoyed the holidays. We baked cookies, but we baked half as many as in years past. We baked Jesus a cake, but we served it when we had people over so we wouldn’t have the entire thing left to eat. We tried to avoid gifts of candy, which can be such simple, quick and cheap additions to gifts. Ultimately, though, I just didn’t spend the entire holiday worrying about weight, I spent it celebrating with my kiddos and it was so refreshing!! Now, to make some small, achievable, and sustainable changes for 2017!


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