MFM: Week 26, Day 2

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Week 26, Day 2

Heart: I’ve decided that I’m going to hand make the majority of our gifts this year. I was inspired by a friend of mine over at Bitty-Bits Blog. Since I’m home and we’re trying to adjust our budget to fit one income, it seems like a brilliant plan! I can capitalize on the fact that I’m home and slowly work on gifts throughout the year. I’ve been pinning gift ideas like they’re going out of style. I’ve also set up a spreadsheet with ideas for the various people in our lives so I have ideas to choose from when it comes time for birthdays, Christmas, etc. In fact, my niece’s birthday is coming up next month so I made her gift this weekend- a tote! It’s super cute and I’m tempted to make one for myself as well. I’m so excited to learn new skills as I create fun gifts over the course of the year.

2017-01-10 12.07.49.jpg

Soul: Our church started a youth group last weekend. We went through a few years in which we didn’t have enough youth to justify a youth group, but we’ve experienced growth recently and it was time. I was very nervous about adding another evening commitment to our schedule, but when we got there I was reminded of just how much my heart beats for youth. I have missed hanging out with teens, laughing and joking, playing games, worshiping in a small group with just an acoustic guitar. Their hearts are so open to learn and experience God’s love and I had desperately missed that. I came home unconcerned about our schedule, just filled to overflowing with excitement and the presence of God in our church, our youth, and in me!

Strength: I feel like such a broken record when it comes to strength. I’ll feel super motivated and decide to make some changes, even actually changes some things, but ultimately the days come and go like normal… Ugh! I feel like I keep telling myself that if I can just get motivated enough, I’ll be able to make the necessary changes. But I read something interesting a few days ago, about motivation. In a nutshell, it said that motivation isn’t enough. Nobody (not even those who are addicted to exercise) feel like doing it every day. Motivation comes and goes, it’s fleeting. The thing that separates those who eat healthy and work out from those who don’t is simply that they do it. Out of habit, not motivation. It makes me wonder if I would see more success if I focused on creating habits rather than trying to force myself to constantly fee motivated. In fact, the thing I remember most about my favorite me is that she got up every morning and ran. She certainly didn’t feel like doing it every day, in fact most days she didn’t feel like it, but she got up and did it. Because for over a year it was her habit, it’s what she did. I was in the habit a few weeks ago, of working out every morning, for now I’m going to try to make that a habit again. Not because I’ll necessarily feel like doing it every day, but simply to form the habit.


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