Handmade Wristlet/Clutch

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Well, I made a tote the other day and had a little bit of teal canvas left over, so I began the search for something that I could make for a friend’s birthday (since we’re doing mostly handmade gifts this year). I came across a few different clutch and wristlet tutorials, but most of them required a zipper and, since this was a last-minute idea and I didn’t happen to have any zippers on hand, I mashed up a few ideas and created my own pattern. Turned out fairly cute!



½ yd canvas (mine is teal)

½ yd cotton print for lining (mine is yellow dots)

Coordinating thread

Large button

4in strip of elastic (mine is 1/4in wide)


  • Wash material, press and cut.
    1. From canvas: A rectangle 11in x 17in, and a rectangle 2in x 11in
    2. From lining: A rectangle 11in x 17in, and 2 rectangles 4.5in x 11in
    3. Lay the two 11in x 17in rectangles, right sides facing. Measure 13in from the bottom on both 17in sides and mark. On the top 11in side, measure 4in from the left and mark. Cut from each mark on the side to the mark on the top, removing the triangles from each corner.
  • Lay the two interior pockets (4.5in x 11in) right sides facing, and stitch (1/4in seam allowance) along the top. Trim and turn right-side out. Press seam and top stitch with 1/8-1/4in allowance (see picture).2017-01-11-09-21-39
  • Pin the interior pocket to the lining upside down (see picture). Mark and stitch 6.5in from the bottom. Then fold over the seam you just created and pin into place (see picture), stitch down the center splitting the pocket in two.2017-01-11-09-29-472017-01-11-09-36-30
  • Fold the entire bottom of the lining up 5.75in (right sides facing), so there is 1.5in remaining before the top cuts in (see picture). Pin, and stitch along sides. Trim excess.2017-01-11-12-09-57
  • Set interior aside. Create wrist strap by folding the 2in x 11in strip along the length with right sides facing. Pin and stitch (1/8-1/4in seam allowance) along the 11in side. Turn right side out and press so that seam is on the side. Then top stitch 1/8-1/4in from the seam (see picture).2017-01-11-09-47-37
  • Lay exterior canvas right side up and fold the bottom up 5.75in (so there is 1.5in remaining before top cuts in). Pin sides, make sure to pin the strap inside approx 1-1.5in below the edge (see picture). Stitch (1/4-1/2in seam allowance) along sides. Trim excess.2017-01-11-12-35-23
  • Place lining inside of exterior with right sides facing (see picture) and pin along the opening and around the top flap. Leave a gap along the short side of the top flap (two pins indicate the gap location). Don’t forget to pin your elastic inside at the very top!2017-01-11-12-44-42
  • Stitch around where you just pinned (1/4-1/2in seam allowance). The transition from flap to front can be tricky, but if you get the angle and placement right, it’s just a 90° angle (see pictures). Trim excess (don’t trim too much along the open gap).2017-01-11-12-47-522017-01-11-12-48-20
  • Turn entire bag inside out and press (make sure you press nicely where the gap is). I press such that the exterior overhangs the interior (see picture), so the interior isn’t visible when the bag is closed. Top stitch the same area you just did (front opening and top flap) making sure to close the open gap in the process. Use a 1/8-1/4in seam allowance.2017-01-11-13-13-39
  • Fold top flap down and mark button location. Hand stitch button in place. You’re done!2017-01-11-13-19-412017-01-11-13-20-00

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    MFM: Week 26, Day 3 « My Journey said:
    January 11, 2017 at 11:38 pm

    […] Well, I tried my hand at another gift today. A wristlet/clutch for a friend’s birthday. It was a last-minute decision based on having some canvas left over from […]


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