MFM: Week 26, Day 3

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Week 26, Day 3

Heart: Well, I tried my hand at another gift today. A wristlet/clutch for a friend’s birthday. It was a last-minute decision based on having some canvas left over from the tote I made. Since I was lacking some basic materials (a zipper to be exact) I had to make my own pattern, which is a mash-up of lots of patterns I’ve seen. It turned out alright, I’m sure she’ll like it and that’s what matters. I’m hopeful that as the year goes on, my sewing skills will improve (along with my photography skills, maybe). I had fun, made a fun gift for a friend, and used materials I already so own, so I’d say it was a success!

Soul: As I’ve been trying to spend 5 minutes with Jesus every day, I’m reminded of just how challenging it is for me to clear my mind. I mean, seriously, to try to think about nothing but listening for God’s voice is hard!! I’ll think I’m doing well, take a deep breath and relax, but before I know it I’m going through the plan for the day including who needs to be where, what needs to be done, and what we’re having for dinner. “Crap! Sorry, God, I know I’m supposed to be listening for Your voice.” So, I take another breath, relax and try to clear my mind. And then I notice the clock ticking, and the faucet’s dripping… what? The faucet wasn’t dripping last I knew! Geez, here we go again! Deep breath, relax, focus…. And then, “Mom! Is it time to get up yet?!” Seriously, I don’t know if any part of my day is more of a challenge to get through than those 5 minutes of quiet with Jesus. But I know how crucial they are, I know how much my favorite me benefited from spending time in His presence. I know that relationships can’t flourish without spending time together, and I need to be devoting time to my relationship with Him! Fortunately, He knows me. He sees me right where I’m at and probably gets quite a chuckle out of watching me try to clear my mind. The good thing about God is that He doesn’t just speak to us in the silence, He speaks to us whenever, wherever, and however He sees fit. So, I’ll keep trying at this 5 minutes of quiet, because it’s important. But, I’m not going to stress if it gets interrupted, because I know He’ll tell me what I need to hear. Somehow, someway, He’ll make sure.

Strength: My husband and I were talking about habits yesterday. He’s got good habits… he gets up early, cycles to work when he can, lifts weights, runs or swims when he can’t. You know… one of those people. Those people who are good at exercise. Those people who are already fit. Those people I want to learn from. I realized as we were talking that sometimes I have a hard time really hearing what he has to say about exercise. It’s like I shut him out because he’s one of those people. Like that makes him less qualified to speak or something. What I realized yesterday, is how stupid that is of me. He is someone who is simply sharing his experience with me. More than that, he’s the one person I trust more than anyone in the world and he wants to share the ups, downs, questions, answers, and experience he’s going through. And since he’s got good habits, who better to listen to?! Here I am, unhappy with myself physically and who do I turn to when I want to talk about it? I turn to other people who are unhappy physically. And when my husband, who’s in the best shape of his life, wants to share I tune him out because “he doesn’t understand”. He does understand. He understands that it’s hard to get up early in the morning, but that the habit is more important than whether or not he’s feeling motivated. He understands that our schedule is full and we can’t fit many more things in, so getting up early and using his trip to work as a workout is the best way to make it happen. I need to get off of my high horse, thinking no one else understands and realize that maybe I’m the one who doesn’t understand. Maybe I have a lot of learning and growing to do…


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