MFM: Week 26, Day 4

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Week 26, Day 4

Heart: Terrible Twos??? Yeah right! Has anyone ever had a three-year-old?! At our house, three is so much more difficult than two! At two, kiddos begin to explore their independence. They want to pick their own clothes, they want to try to brush their own teeth, they want to pick their own dinner. These things are no problem for me- I offer two shirts to choose between, we do a me-we-you approach to brushing teeth, and we let the kiddos pick part of dinner (the main or side dish). Voila, we’re both happy! But, three… oh three. At three, our kiddos begin testing boundaries. Bubby will disobey simply to see how we’ll react, he’ll change his mind purely so that he can disagree with me, he wants to be independent, but a compromise is no longer acceptable. In his little mind, it has to be exactly the way he wants it. It’s irritating, frustrating, and just plain exhausting! Add to it that I haven’t been very patient and you’ve got an incredibly difficult few months. So, what can I change? I can’t change his behavior. I can’t change the way he feels or acts. But I can change how I react. I can choose understanding, patience and kindness. I can talk with him about how he might be feeling and let him help come up with a solution. It blows me away how well kiddos can help come up with solutions to problems. Banayner even comes up with his own consequences fairly often. And they’re usually more severe than I would’ve given, but he’s ok with them because he decided what sounded fair to him. Since Bubby’s only three, I haven’t really given him ownership over his solutions, but I think it’s about time to let him help. We’ll see how it goes over the next few days.

Soul: I spent five minutes with Jesus with morning. Well, in reality I spent 10 minutes trying and probably got a whopping two minutes of quiet time hearing Him. But, hey, it was awesome! In those few minutes, He made it clear that His heart beats for the youth of our church and that He has called me to serve in that area. He also made it clear that His heart beats for my children and that I am supposed to be at home with them. I was very convicted, though, about my impatience recently. Fortunately, I have a plan to help parent more calmly. It’s amazing how just a few minutes in God’s presence can be so revealing.

Strength: I’m trying to focus on habits. Specifically, I’m trying to create the habits of getting up early, spending time with Jesus and exercising. It’s interesting how different my bedtime brain is from my morning brain. At bedtime, I’m gung-ho about getting up early and creating good habits. But, there’s something about my morning brain… my morning brain just doesn’t seem to think it’s as great of an idea, and my morning brain is very convincing! Ugh… I try and try to remember all of the reasons I wanted to create these habits, but my dog-gone morning brain counters every one! Basically, I just have to tell her to shut up or ignore her. But, like I said, she can be very convincing! So far, though, it’s me: 3 her:0! Whoop whoop!


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