MFM: Week 26, Day 5

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Week 26, Day 5

Heart: As I went through my day yesterday, I kept thinking back to my post about being more understanding in parenting. I’m not sure I was very clear yesterday. We were trying to clean up (a definite trigger at our house) and I gave Bubby the usual warning, “Please clean up. If you choose not to clean up, when I’m done vacuuming I will begin collecting the toys still on the floor to give away to kids who will take care of them.” I thought back to my post, was I being calm and understanding? When I finished vacuuming, and he was playing downstairs with his room still a mess, and I started gathering toys as he scrambled to pick up his favorites, was I being calm and understanding? Should I sit and chat with him instead? And I realized that he needs me to sit and talk with him sometimes, but he also needs me to be clear and consistent with my expectations. So, I collected several toys for Goodwill, much to his dismay. But, eventually he got his room cleaned up and then, after he had obeyed, then we sat and talked. He told me he didn’t like to clean up and I surprised him by telling him that I don’t really like to clean up either! “Really, mom?!” Then we talked about why we clean up, even though we don’t like it. It was great! We were calm, I was understanding, but I was also clear with my expectations and consistent with my follow through. I want him to know that I will sit and listen to him, I will hear how he’s feeling and we’ll talk about it… after he obeys. He doesn’t get to choose disobedience because he doesn’t “feel like it”. I guess what I want more than anything, is the ability to balance kind and understanding with firm and consistent.

Soul: It is well with my soul. I don’t know that there’s much else to say right now. I’m worried about my step-Dad (who just finished chemo and radiation), I’m worried about finances, but I’m also at peace because I know that God is good and He is faithful to provide what we need. I was reassured of that this morning, and it was a welcome reminder. So, despite the ins and outs, ups and downs of life… it is well with my soul.

Strength: I can’t quite believe we’re almost done with week 26- that means I’ve been at this for 6 months! I suppose the fact that I’m still at it is a success! I was looking at workouts for beginners last night and found all kinds of suggestions. But as I was getting up this morning, arguing with my morning self, I realized a few things about myself: I’m not going to a gym to workout (there are various reasons, which are irrelevant for the purpose of this post). I’m not going to get out my phone or a magazine to follow along with an unfamiliar workout plan. I’m also not going to spend a lot of time getting ready to workout. Bottom line, I need to be able to roll out of bed and do a series of exercises that I already know on my bedroom floor. I know from reading lots of articles that this may not be the ideal way to work out, but I also know that I need to focus on just building a habit. So, for now, technique is going to take a back seat to just waking up and doing something, anything! If I can create the habit of getting up early to exercise, I’ll have all kinds of time to perfect my workout and technique later. For now, I have picked 8-10 exercises I already know and like (planks, donkey kicks, triceps extensions, etc.) and I do 10-15 repetitions of each. I’m not even worrying about cardio right now, because walking and cycling are family activities that we do for fun, so they are in addition to my morning routine. I know it’s laughable, but it’s building a habit. My goal is to add to my repetitions every week and add new exercises (that I already know) every month. It’s not much, but if I start small enough that I can and will actually stick to it, I might have something not so laughable by this time next year.


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