MFM: Week 28, Day 2

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Week 28, Day 2

Heart: My husband’s birthday is coming up this weekend and I. Am. So. Excited!! I love celebrating him! I love giving him gifts and spending the whole day reminding him that it’s his special day!! I love seeing the smile on his face every time I say, “Babe! It’s your birthday!!!” I love making him feel loved, appreciated, and honored! This year has been a bit tough, though. I’m wanting to make the majority of our gifts this year, but that’s harder than I thought for him! I definitely broke down and bought him a couple of things, but we also made a few for him! The boys have even joined in on the homemade gifts, they joined forces to make one of his gifts and Banayner decided to make one for Daddy all on his own! They are almost as excited as I am to give him his gifts!! It makes my heart so happy to see the boys get excited to give gifts. I hope they are learning the joy that comes from giving, not just receiving gifts!

Soul: At my discipleship class, last night I was struck by Jesus’ title ‘Son of Man’. The professor brought it up in passing because he had wanted to do his dissertation on it, but ended up doing the title ‘Son of God’ through the book of Mark. But when he mentioned it in passing, I was intrigued and started searching through the book of Mark to find the instances in which Jesus was referred to as ‘Son of Man’. After I glanced through Mark, I did a quick search through the New Testament and discovered that the only person in the New Testament who refers to Jesus using the title ‘Son of Man’ is Jesus, Himself. That piqued my interest even more! I asked about it quickly after class and was directed to Daniel 7:13-14 to begin my search. I glanced at those verses this morning, but still want to do a lot more digging! I don’t have any answers, only more questions, but it is so refreshing to be digging and searching. I didn’t realize it had been so long since I’d spent time investigating in the Bible!

Strength: It felt good to stretch my back and work out this morning. Bubby woke up early and joined me for my five minutes with Jesus (he did an awesome job of sitting quietly, so I could pray) and my work out. He just sat and watched (joined in on a few), didn’t question it at all. He just accepted that this is Momma’s morning routine. He’s too young to have opinions of my workout, so he doesn’t look at me and think, That’s all you’re doing?! Is it even worth it? He just knows Mommy is exercising, like she does every morning. Can you imagine how our self-image would differ if we saw ourselves through the eyes of our children? It was a surprising and welcome consideration this morning.


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