MFM: Week 28, Day 4

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Week 28, Day 4

Heart: I already mentioned our goal to give mostly homemade gifts this year, but I’ve also been trying to find and make homemade versions of various things around the house. It’s been such fun adventure, especially with essential oils! Banayner has been sick with the flu this week, so I’ve been diffusing an immunity blend, both to help him and to hopefully prevent anyone else getting sick (so far so good). A couple of days ago, I remembered a friend of mine mentioning cough drops made from essential oils, so I looked it up. Talk about an easy recipe with things you’ve already got around the house! I went ahead and made a batch of Orange-Thieves homemade cough drops and Banayner used two yesterday. He didn’t love the flavor, Thieves has a pretty strong clove flavor, but they seemed to help his cough. I also gave Bubby a small one to boost his immune system (he loved the flavor). They turned out great! I highly recommend the recipe, it’s quick and so simple- sugar, honey, water, and essential oils (I only used oils from the Young Living Vitality line). I also tried my hand at homemade essential oil body cream and sugar scrub, so fun! They were great (even my lotion-hating husband liked the body cream) and will make wonderful gifts!


Soul: I married a very wise man. I was reminded of that last night and again this morning. Last night he reminded me that our walk with Jesus doesn’t have to be all mountaintop experiences, but neither does it always have to feel like treading water. Sometimes, most of the time maybe, it’s alright to just be in relationship with Jesus. Then this morning, I was having a moment of selfishness and pride… which never ever ever happens to me (can you hear the sarcasm). He basically turned me back to the voice of Jesus and said, “Listen, He’ll make it clear” but he did it without making me feel embarrassed or ashamed. I am so blessed to have a husband who leads our family by first seeking the Lord.

Strength: Bubby did my workout with me this morning. Well, he tried to- I was pretty nervous at first. If my three-year-old son can keep up, then maybe my workout is more laughable than I thought! But it quickly became evident that though he might be able to do 1 or 2 of each exercise, he can’t keep up with the reps. He started every exercise with “See, Mom! This is easy!” and within 2 reps, “I’m tired mom, those ones are hard!” Whew! I can still best my three-old-son! You know, as I write this I’m beginning to think that maybe I need to reassess my competition….


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