MFM: Week 28, Day 5

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Week 28, Day 5

Heart: I’m baking a cake today! My husband decided he wanted the same type of birthday cake as Jesus had! We bake Jesus a birthday cake every Christmas, sing happy birthday and that’s the treat we leave for Santa… yeah, that’s how we roll. We make sure good ol’ Saint Nick gets to celebrate Jesus’ birth, too! My husband isn’t really a fan of cake, I mean he won’t turn it down if it’s the only option, but he’s a brownie man. So, I decided to bake brownies in cake pans to see if it would work out as a cake… and it did! Then, I asked myself what type of frosting would be best on a brownie cake and the glaringly obvious answer is chocolate chip mint frosting. Oh. My. Word. This cake was phenomenal! Well, good enough that my husband took one bite and said, “Um… can I have this for my birthday, too?!” I cheated this year and bought brownie mix (when it’s on sale for $1 it’s just about cheaper than homemade). I make up the brownies with an extra egg (don’t want it too fudgy or it won’t come out of the pan), coat two 8” round cake pans with cooking spray, line the bottom with parchment paper, and bake according to directions. Then I found this recipe for Mint Chocolate Chip Frosting and absolutely fell in love! It’s just like the ice cream, which is exactly what I was going for! I didn’t try to frost the sides of the cake, I went with more of an ‘almost naked’ cake. I’d say it was some well laid out plan to make it look just right, but let’s be honest here… it was easier and looked just fine. I store the cake in the fridge for the 2 days it’ll last, the frosting is irresistible when it’s cold! It truly is absolutely amazing! You’ll have to give it a try… especially if you’re more into brownies than cake!


Soul: So, I’ve been trying to put aside my feelings of anxiety and focus on what I know to be true- that God provides. Well, this week He provided… big time! No, the house didn’t sell. No, we didn’t win the lottery. No, no strangers came by and offered to pay the remainder of what we owe on our home. Am I the only one with that particular daydream? Anyway, what He did do, was provide my husband with a raise! Not a substantial one, but enough! Enough to lift the weight and take away the anxiety I’ve been fighting. Praise the Lord! Again, why do I ever doubt that He’ll do it? I don’t have even one instance to look back on in which He didn’t provide what we needed. It may not have looked exactly like we expected, but it was spot on! Here I am, learning this lesson again. How exhausting it must be for Him to have to watch me fall over the same log time and time again. Thank You, Lord, for Your faithfulness!

Strength: I was nursing baby last night and it hit me that I’ve been nursing her four months longer than I ever nursed the boys! In the same moment that I felt proud of myself for nursing for so long, it also hit me that by this point with both boys, I had lost 40 pounds! This time, I’m still at zilch! It’s kind of this weird place to be- proud of myself and disappointed at the same time. I’m not ready for baby to wean, yet, but I am ready to have my body back as my own. It seems like a big sacrifice that women have to give up their body for nine months to bring a human into the world. How is it I’m just learning, the third time around, that we give it up for so much longer than that? I’ve been eager to do a cleanse for a few months, to clean out some toxins and refresh. But, it turns out you can’t do a cleanse while breastfeeding- those toxins that are leaving the body end up in the breast milk. If I don’t want them in my body, I certainly don’t want them in baby girl’s! So today, I’m fighting this weird battle with myself and trying to build the habits I can now, so I’ll be ready for change when it’s time.


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