MFM: Week 29, Day 1

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Week 29, Day 1

Heart: Poor Banayner has been sick with the flu. He’s missed several days of school and, unfortunately, one of them was his ‘hot lunch day’. We let him have hot lunch once per month at school. He looks at the menu each month and picks the day he’d like to have lunch at school. This gives him the chance to have hot lunch every once in a while, without being too expensive on us. He was so disappointed to miss his hot lunch day, it broke my heart! So, we had a home style hot lunch! I made a menu, got out trays, and the boys went through a buffet line. It brightened Banayner’s day so much! He asked if we could “have hot lunch at home any time he wants?” Bubby was a little nervous about having ‘hot lunch’ and was adamant that his be a ‘warm lunch’ instead. Banayner tried several times to explain the concept, but Bubby wasn’t getting it. We all had quite a fun time! It was such a blessing to see him smile and laugh, even if for just a little while. I’m hopeful that he’ll be back to normal in the next few days, poor guy.

Soul: The faith of a child! I was getting Banayner all ‘medicined’ and ‘oiled’ up for nap time and he looked at me and said, “Mom, I wish Jesus was here. Then He could touch me and I’d be all better.” It kind of took my breath away- the absolute assurance with which he said it. I told him that Jesus still heals us, but not necessarily by touching us like He did when He was on earth. He asked a few more questions as I got myself together. Then, as I sent him off to his room to get in bed, he turned around and asked one last question. “Is that why we get to live with Jesus forever, Mom? Because when we die, He heals us?” I just stared at him in awe for a moment… when did my baby get so big?! When did he start understanding things that I, myself, struggle to comprehend? It is so amazing to see such faith and wisdom in this amazing little boy!

Strength: Well, I’ve decided to do another half marathon. I’m giving myself plenty of time to train for it, and setting realistic goals. I simply want to complete it and, if possible, improve my time. In my discouragement, I sat down and really thought about my favorite me, physically. I realized that she was more than healthy- she was training for a half marathon. She had a goal, something to train for, work toward, something to accomplish! I found myself missing those feelings of working toward something, so I decided to do it again. I’m excited, nervous, anxious, terrified, I’m full of hope and doubt. I think it’s a good place to be- on the brink of change!


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