MFM: Week 29, Day 4

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Week 29, Day 4

Heart: A new month means new small changes! Last month our financial change was to increase the amount we put into retirement. This month the financial change is to try some homemade cleaners and detergents. If we like them we’ll keep using them and if we don’t like them we won’t. We already transitioned to a homemade dish detergent which costs us fractions of a cent per wash. I’m hopeful we’ll be able to find something similar for laundry, dryer sheets, maybe even shampoo and conditioner. We’ll see! Plus, with my new interest (obsession?) in essential oils, I can incorporate them into some recipes, too!

Soul: I’ve been spending five minutes in the morning with Jesus as my small change, which I will continue doing even though the month is over. I have found it really helps me start my day off with the right perspective. I notice it most on days I don’t spend time with Him. In addition, I’ll add this month’s small change. This month it’s reading the Bible. Not that I don’t currently, but this is more of an intentional reading and devotional plan. I have a Bible app and downloaded a few plans to read over the course of the month. They include things like learning to talk to God, being a Christ-like neighbor, learning to thrive in my role as a mom, etc. I’m super excited! I started, this morning, with learning to talk to God. I figured that as much as I struggle with my five minutes in the morning, it might be good to get some ideas about how to best use that time! I’m basically just going to increase my five minutes to include the Bible reading. It only increases the time by 3-5 minutes, which is totally doable!

Strength: My goal last month was to work out 10 times over the course of the month, I managed to get in 14 workouts. More importantly, I’m beginning to build a habit. So, I will also continue working out in the mornings after my five minutes despite moving into the next month! The workout is short (takes a whopping 10-15 minutes), so my time investment in the morning is about 25 minutes. That’s less than half an hour to read the Bible, spend some quiet time with the Jesus, and get in a quick workout! And it makes all the difference in starting my morning off right! This month, my physical change is sleeping more. This one was partly at the request of my husband. It was one of our changes last year and he found that it was incredibly helpful for him, so we’re doing it again (nice and early in the year)! It seems so vague to say ‘sleep more’, so we tried to keep it somewhat concrete. We wrap up our evening and aim to be in bed at 9:30, so we have plenty of time to relax and be asleep by 10. Some folks can’t fathom getting in bed as early as 9:30, but with Tim getting up at 4am, it’s what works for us. That was the driving idea behind the small changes- finding what works for us.


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