MFM: Week 30, Day 2

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Week 30, Day 2 (-3 pounds)

Heart: A couple of friends and I were at the book store a week ago looking at any and everything that caught our eye. We came upon a section of classic novels. The likes of A Tale of Two Cities, The Odyssey, Pride and Prejudice, Great Expectations, Moby Dick, and so many more. One of my friends said in passing, “Wouldn’t it be fun to tackle reading a bunch of these?” And it stuck with me… I have a lot of little things I’m working on in my life right now, but this seemed like such a fun one to add! Most of the little things I’m working on are to be a better me. My favorite me, in fact. But reading, reading could just be something to enjoy! I am going to tentatively tackle one classic book each month for fun! I’m starting really easy and fun (oh, and free! Thanks Google Play Books)… I downloaded Emma by Jane Austen last night! We’ll see how adding one more thing goes, hopefully it’s as awesome as I anticipate!

Soul: This morning I started a Bible study with my journey group! We’re doing “The Holy Spirit Unleashed in You” by Kay Arthur. It’s a study of the book of Acts and I am so excited! It seems like it’s less the author telling us everything she’s discovered and more of a grab your pens, get out your Bible and start digging. She guides us chapter by chapter as we underline, circle, highlight, keep a notebook and write our questions, thoughts, and discoveries. In the first chapter on day one, she said something along the lines of, “I’ll tell you what I discovered tomorrow. For today, write down everything you’re thinking and discovering.” I had a blast this morning! I haven’t done a study like this in a long time and my heart feels so refreshed after just one day! I can’t wait to see where God takes us through this study!

Strength: Well, I got on the scale today and am down a few pounds, which is a good thing. Still not back to the -5 I was at in December. My husband and I have started logging our food again and once again I’m reminded that it is an absolute necessity for me! Can I just copy and paste the blog post from a few months ago? Yesterday after putting in my food for the day (which felt like a totally normal day) I had eaten a whopping 1277 calories… what?! That’s way too few calories for a nursing mom! It makes me wonder if I’ve been swinging back and forth between too many and not enough calories. In which case, especially as a nursing mom, my body might respond negatively to the lack of consistency. So here I am, learning the same lesson over again… I have to log food to really know what I’m consuming in a day.

I mentioned yesterday, I really don’t want weight to be the driving factor in getting healthy. So today, I went and found a pair of old jeans that I love, but are way too small right now. They’ve been hidden in my closet where they can’t dare shame me about the fact that they no longer fit. But today I pulled them out, got them on as far as they would go and decided that they are going to be one of my progress markers. Every so often I’ll put them back on and let the fit be a motivator. Screw the number on the scale if my favorite jeans get closer and closer to fitting again!


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