MFM: Week 30, Day 4

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Week 30, Day 4

Heart: I finished another tote, this one for my older niece. I realized as I was finishing it that the thing I loved most about making the totes was making them special for each of the girls. I got to pick colors and patterns that are unique to them! My younger niece is so full of joy and fun! She also loves teal, so the fun patterns on the first one are so her! Plus, between soccer and the beach I figure she’ll be able to use it often! My older niece is super sweet and trendy, so the gold and white seems right up her alley! Not very many people would brave a white bottomed tote, but she is so the type to love it! Again, with college classes and the beach I figure she’ll get plenty of use out of it. Banayner looked at them and said, “Wow, Mom, those actually look like purses! Like, real ones!” Thanks, bud! I may not be an expert, but I look forward to growing my skills and abilities as I make more gifts over the course of the year!


Soul: I am loving the study of Acts we’re doing in journey group! I love getting out my pens and colored pencils to make connections, ask questions, and dive deeper than just the text. This morning I was trying to figure out how to explain to Bubby that it’s ok for Mommy to write in her Bible, even though in our house, ‘we don’t write in books’. This morning I was looking at how ‘Holy Spirit’ is used in Acts 1. I was surprised to find that I may not realize everything that the Holy Spirit empowers me to do. I think I’ve been picturing the Holy Spirit as a Jiminy Crickets, of sorts. You know, a conscience who lets me know if I’m doing the right thing or the wrong thing. What an unbelievably sad misinterpretation of the Holy Spirit! Acts 1:8 says, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.” It doesn’t say he’ll give us warm fuzzies or guilt. Does the Holy Spirit guide us to follow Christ through conviction, I believe so, but is that His only purpose? No! He gives us power! Power to speak new languages!  Power to heal the sick! Power to love those who seem unlovable! At what point, will I stop viewing Him as a little cricket on my shoulder and allow His power to work within me?

Strength: I hate flu season! My poor babies are getting sick one by one and I was flat on my back yesterday. Fortunately, Tim has managed to hold it off thus far. This morning I was feeling better, not great, but much better than yesterday. In the name of continuing to build a habit of exercising, I got up and did my workout, though I did reduce the repetitions quite a bit. It felt good to stretch and move after a day like yesterday. I’m slowing discovering that, contrary to what I believed to be true, it seems that habit leads to motivation rather than vice versa. To my core, I believed that if I wanted it enough, I could make it happen. Turns out if I just start making it happen, maybe I’ll actually start wanting to!


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