MFM: Week 30, Day 5

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Week 30, Day 5

Heart: Last night was date night! Bubby and I were supposed to have a fun play-place date. However, with both of us trying to get over the stomach flu, we ended up having a Mickey Mouse movie and snuggle date. Sometimes date nights are awesome adventures to Disney on Ice, or bike rides to the park for a picnic. Other times, they’re blankets and pillows with a movie. Good thing the most important thing to our kiddos is spending time with us, regardless of what we’re doing.

On a different note, today I tried out my first cleaner for my small financial change this month. It was a toilet bowl cleaner and cleaned about as well as my current cleaners, but the smell… oh the wonderful, clean, smell! I was hoping for ease, so I wanted to avoid having to make toilet bombs. I also didn’t happen to have citric acid on hand and wanted to find something using what I already have at home. What’s cheaper than what I already have sitting in my cupboards, right? I ended up creating a homemade recipe loosely based on a few I found online.

First, I dropped a few drops of essential oil into the toilet (Purification and Lemon). Then I sprinkled 1 tablespoon of baking soda around the edge of the water. Finally, I poured 1 cup of white vinegar over the baking soda. It immediately began reacting and I let it sit for ten or fifteen minutes until most of the bubbling had subsided. Then I used my brush to scrub like usual. Like I said, it cleaned about as well as any cleaner, but the wonderful, clean smell lasted for hours!

*Note* I know that the mixing of baking soda (a base) and vinegar (an acid) in a 1:1 ratio results in a neutralization, but that is why I used such a high ratio of vinegar to baking soda (16:1).

Soul: I’ve been building the habit of spending time with Jesus in the mornings. Usually alone in quiet (my favorite), but occasionally Bubby is already awake and sits quietly during this time. As frustrating as it is when he wakes up early and I realize that my time isn’t mine, I got to see the importance of it this week. We were folding laundry earlier this week and, out of the blue, he said, “Mom, I just need to spend some time with Jesus right now” and he went and sat in my big chair (where I spend my time in the morning) to have some time with Jesus. I can’t even explain the joy that filled my heart. Though I’m sure my preference will always be to have my quiet time alone, I will certainly have a different perspective on those few occasions that he wakes up early and joins me.

Strength: I am at a good place right now. I’m not where I want to be, but I am taking good steps toward my goal! This morning I did my workout, but did less reps than normal as I’m still not totally back to myself after being sick. What I found myself thinking as I was doing fewer reps yesterday and today, was how easy it was. It made me realize that a month ago, when I started building this habit, it wasn’t easy! I may not be doing an extraordinary workout, but I’m doing more than I could a month ago!

I also took a hard look at my Fitbit and MyFitnessPal recently. It’s been bothering me that I’ve been unable to lose weight while breastfeeding. I figure, rather than throwing up my hands, I’ll dig a little deeper. There were 2 things I needed to check: 1) Is my MFP profile accurate, and 2) Are MFP and Fitbit working well together? In checking my MFP profile, I realized that I hadn’t adjusted my activity level on MyFitnessPal since leaving my job. Surprisingly, I oftentimes have more active days at home than I had as a teacher, but in general I’m not as active. I adjusted that, which lowered my basal metabolic rate on MyFitnessPal. I still should have been losing some weight, but at least that helped answer part of the question. Then I looked at how the two (Fitbit and MFP) work together. Ultimately, I wanted to make sure that the Fitbit wasn’t undoing my MFP profile settings. I set my goal on MFP to lose one pound per week, which automatically adjusts my calories to accommodate. Then, Fitbit adds calories to MFP under ‘exercise’ based on its calculation of my steps and calories burned. I needed to be sure these weren’t undoing one another. It turns out, the programs are well-written and accommodate accordingly. So, when Fitbit adds calories to MFP it adjusts based on my goals.

So, it looks like I just need to keep recording my food, eating healthy, and exercising. Then I can feel good about what I’m doing and stop worrying about the weight. I’m confident that continuing along this path will have me feeling more like my favorite me! And that’s the real goal, right?!


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