MFM: Week 31, Day 2

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Week 31, Day 2 (-5 pounds)

Heart: Happy Valentine’s Day! I made the kids pink pancakes this morning! The picture doesn’t really do justice to the Pepto pink that these pancakes were! Bubby looked at them with total disgust while I was cooking them and said, “What are those?!” Then as I was putting them on plates he said, “At least peanut butter and syrup won’t make them even worse, Mom.” This, from my three-year-old! At least Banayner and Baby girl loved them!! Well, so did Bubby once he tried them!


I tried another homemade cleaner this weekend, but am not totally sold on it. This one was a vinegar-based floor cleaner, and it worked, but it didn’t use essential oils and ultimately, smelled a lot like vinegar. I think I’m going to keep looking for a good floor cleaner recipe that uses essential oils, so it’ll smell fabulous while it’s cleaning. In trying to save money, I also made some washable/reusable pads for my Swiffer mop. They velcro to the mop and are terrycloth on the bottom, so they scrub the floor without scratching it. The mop pad worked great! I just need to settle on a great cleaner and we’ll be set!

Soul: There are a lot of words that I consider ‘Christianese’. Words that I use as a Christian without necessarily putting thought into the meaning behind them. I just use them because Christians are supposed to use those words. I discovered this past week that one of the Christianese words I use is ‘witness’. For years, I’ve considered myself a witness, because it’s synonymous with believer, right? When someone accepts that Christ died to pay the consequence for their sin and rose again to overcome death they become a believer, a Christ-follower, a ‘witness’. But, as I read Acts 1 this week, I realized that when we become followers of Christ and join the other ‘witnesses’, we are claiming that we have evidence in our lives that Christ is alive. We are making a rise-in-court, hand-on-the-Bible, under-oath statement that Christ is alive. We are, literally, witnesses of His resurrection. How cool is that?!

Strength: Since taking a deeper look at MyFitnessPal and the Fitbit, as well as starting to log food, I’m having success! This success can be measured in lots of ways! I’m able to challenge myself more on my workouts, I’ve lost a few more inches, I’m down a few more pounds, I’m eating and feeling so much better… there is a lot of good happening in my body right now! I’m nowhere near perfect, but I’m getting closer to my favorite me!! In fact, I’m finding that I’m acting a lot more like her!


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