MFM: Week 31, Day 4

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Week 31, Day 4

Heart: I am trying to do mostly homemade gifts this year, in an effort to save money. For Valentine’s Day I knew I wanted to buy Tim some Scotch, so I decided to make chocolates for him and the kids instead of buy them. I had a couple of goals when it came to making the truffles. I wanted several flavors, so it would have the feel of a box of chocolates and I wanted to use only items I already had in the house, no buying anything! Fortunately, we had a big bag of chocolate chips, so I was able to make it happen! First, I picked eight different flavors. Then I got to do some math, as I cut several recipes down to 1/8 or 1/10 the original recipe. I didn’t want to make 8 different recipes of 4-5 dozen truffles each, I wanted to end up with a total of 4-5 dozen truffles in the eight different flavors. I decided on cookie dough, brownie, and peanut butter for comfort flavors, peppermint and vanilla buttercream for traditional ‘box of chocolate’ flavors, and Scotch, Brandy, and Espresso Vodka for fun!


The cookie dough, brownie, and peanut butter (buckeye) truffles took the longest as I had to make entirely different doughs for each. The peppermint and vanilla used the same basic buttercream filling so they went a little faster as I just split the recipe and added peppermint extract to one and vanilla to the other. Note to self for next time, it would have been so easy to do various fruit flavors if I’d had the extracts and added a little food coloring. The alcohol truffles were also easy as they used the same basic truffle recipe. I split the recipe and added the different alcohols. I opted to roll the alcohol truffles in cocoa powder and dipped everything else in chocolate. I don’t particularly love the ‘never know what you’re gonna get’ aspect of boxes of chocolate, so I used sprinkles, powdered sugar, and drizzles to make sure each type of truffle was unique. They turned out fabulous!! Tim and the kids loved them and thought they were so fun! They are rich, rich, rich!! Which, is a good thing as it keeps me from eating too many! We had a couple on Valentine’s Day and the day after, then I put the rest in the freezer to slow us down even more! They should last several months out there! Well, in theory they’d still be good in a few months, I doubt they’ll actually still be there.

Soul: I’m learning so much through my study of the book of Acts! I love spending so much time in each chapter, with a guide to lead me through the investigation. Reading the Bible has never been one of my strengths. I have struggled so much in the past, with getting into the Bible and spending quality time there. I think it had some to do with not really studying, but just reading the words. I don’t know how many times I’ve read in Acts 2 that the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles on the Day of Pentecost, but I never took the time to learn about the significance. That day, there happened to be people from all over the world in Jerusalem for the celebration, so when Peter gave his speech and thousands believed, they were from all over the place. It was the first international Christian convention! How amazing that God waited until that day and made it very clear that the apostles were to stay in Jerusalem so that His gospel could be spread to so many from all over! It blew my mind! It’s so much more than just words… it’s history!

Strength: Today isn’t really spectacular, nor terrible. It’s just a day. In addition to Valentine’s Day this week, yesterday was also my thirtieth birthday, so we’ve got lots of sugar around the house. But, I’ve noticed that rather than ‘screw everything it’s a celebration’ my attitude has been more balanced. If I want a piece of cake, I’ll have a small one. I wanted to make truffles, so I did. But then we froze them so we don’t get carried away. Tim had cinnamon rolls delivered for Valentine’s Day, so I had half of one. I’m not going to cut myself off from everything that I enjoy, but neither am I going to indulge beyond reason. I’m going to make realistic, balanced choices. And I’m good with that.


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