MFM: Week 31, Day 5

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Week 31, Day 5

Heart: Last night was date night! Family date night! I mentioned my birthday was a couple of days ago, so for our date last night the kids decorated my birthday cake! Tim had baked a cake the day before, and then he did a quick frost-job on the cake to get the kids started. Then we let them at the cake with the rest of the frosting, which lasted all of thirty seconds because next up was sprinkles!!! We got out all of the sprinkles we had in the cupboard! Christmas trees, 4th of July stars, rainbow nonpareils, so many colors and shapes… so many sprinkles!!! And they went to town! They took turns picking sprinkles and decorating my cake! It was so much fun! Then they added a few candles. Only a few because, as Banayner said, “We can’t even fit 30 candles on the cake Mom, that’s such a huge number!” Thanks Bud… The cake turned out beautiful!! They were so proud as they sang Happy Birthday and we blew out the candles! And then we ate “the best cake ever, in the whole world!” I mean, cherry chip cake with rainbow chip frosting… yeah, it doesn’t get much better than that! Unless it’s sprinkled with love… so much love in so many colors!


Soul: Today my soul feels like it’s at war. I think satan is trying to throw me off. A friend in my journey group mentioned keeping on alert for this. Choosing to get into the Bible and do more than just read, but actually dive deep and try to learn and understand… that can bring about spiritual warfare. Fortunately, when it’s expected, it’s easier to address it up front. It was pretty amazing this morning, because in studying Acts 1 last week I realized how much power we have in the Holy Spirit and today I was able to call on that power. It felt so great to know that when the attack came I wasn’t relying on my own strength to get through it, but I could call on the power of the Holy Spirit in me. And He was faithful to answer that call!

Strength: Today was definitely one of those days that I relied on habit far more than motivation. Baby girl has been teething and Bubby has been sick, so they haven’t been sleeping very well and I was tired this morning. So very tired. I wanted so badly to just crawl back under the covers and sleep. Who would know? Who would care? Who would even notice? Me. I would know and I care. So, out of habit and not at all because I felt like it, I got up, spent time in the Bible, some time with God, and then did my workout. My workout was tough today! I don’t know if it’s just because I was so tired, or what, but I barely made it through! Once I was done I was so glad that I had gotten up and done it. Thank God for habits!!


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