MFM: Week 32, Day 4

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Week 32, Day 4

Heart: Baby girl got the cutest pair of overalls from Gramma a few weeks ago. We put them on for Valentine’s Day and found that they were three or four inches too short. I was so sad as they are adorable- they have little pink roses and hearts on them! Then I saw a pin on Pinterest that inspired me! It wasn’t a tutorial, it wasn’t even something I could purchase, just a picture. Someone had taken a pair of too short overalls, cut off the legs, added ruffles to the bottom and made a dress. So, I got out my material, found just what I wanted and went to work turning these super cute overalls into a dress for Baby girl! I made it fairly long, so she could wear it for a while. In fact, it’s slightly too big, now! It will likely last her six months to a year! I’m absolutely in love with it! Hooray for pinspiration!

Soul: My kids blew my mind this morning! The door to the garage got left open (again) and Baby girl crawled over and almost fell down the stairs into the garage. In my human-ness I gritted my teeth and got on Banayner’s case. I was going through the explanation of what could have happened and why he needs to be careful (and not in the most patient and loving way) when Bubby came up and said, “Actually Mom, it was my fault. I left the door open. I’m sorry, Mom.” I just stared at him, dumbfounded… my three-year-old just took responsibility for something that was certain to get him in trouble. He saw his brother getting in trouble, knew that it was his fault and stepped in to make sure I knew the truth. Are you kidding me?! I apologized to Banayner and told Bubby I was very proud of his decision to tell the truth and reminded him to please shut the door in the future. About ten minutes later (still shaking my head over the situation) I noticed that the closet door had been left open. Banayner had just been in there putting something away, so I got on his case about closing it as his sister had gotten in there. I was more patient and kind this time, but again, Bubby came over and said that he had gone over after Banayner and put something in there. He was the one who forgot to close the door. “It was my fault, Mom. I’m really sorry.” Again, I was totally astounded by this preschooler! I apologized to Banayner again and gave Bubby a sticker for being honest. I was already feeling like somehow, in all of the mistakes I make as a parent, something must be getting through. Then Banayner looked at me and said, “Thorin is kind of being like Jesus today. He’s taking the consequences that I would have had. You know, Mom, like Jesus takes the consequences for our poor choices?” As I tried to keep myself together, I got his coat and backpack on him and sent him off to school with, “You’re absolutely right. That is exactly what Jesus does. He takes our consequences for us.” I sat down in awe at the compassion and wisdom in the hearts of my children. In addition to feeling pride and awe, I found myself convicted. Am I loving people with the compassion of my three-year-old? Am I willing to see Christ in the people around me like my six-year-old? Or am I so self-focused that I fail to be and see Christ in the world around me? And here I was thinking it was my job to teach my children the important things in life…

Strength: This week I changed up my workout. I found myself less excited to get up and work out (shocker), but rather than just stop I decided to change it. There were certain exercises I no longer looked forward to, in fact they’d become rather boring, so I swapped them out for similar, but new exercises. I’m still only doing things I already know, so I don’t have to get out instructions for my workout. I just swapped out some of the old moves for something new and exciting! It’s kind of surprising how much I actually look forward to my workouts and even miss them on days I don’t get to do it!


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