MFM: Week 33, Day 1

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Week 33, Day 1

Heart: I finished another homemade gift this weekend! I made a set of reversible super hero capes for my nephew! I was inspired by some capes and masks Nana got for the kiddos at Christmas. They weren’t reversible, but as I looked at them I started planning! One cape is Batman/Flash and the other is Superman/Green Lantern. They have matching reversible masks and turned out super fun! My boys tried them out to make sure they’re ‘super’ enough.  I am planning on making more of these for a Christmas party with cousins. As these were my first effort, I learned a few things I will use to improve them as I work on the rest. Fortunately, I have lots of time!

Soul: Yesterday was Freedom Sunday, a day used to bring awareness to those being enslaved, trafficked, oppressed, and to refugees seeking freedom. At our church, we had the incredible privilege of hearing testimonies from three families who were refugees and escaped their situations to come to America. One of the families is Christian and attends our church, but the other two were Muslim guests who stepped way out of their comfort zones to attend and share at a Christian church! It was amazing!

I was floored as I listened to one woman, an Iraqi Muslim woman, share about her journey to get to America. Her family fled to Syria leaving their home behind, her children sleeping on rocks, unable to go to school. But it was the only way she could protect them. She described living in Syria for part of her journey, with bomb shells literally falling on her house, outside her house, everywhere. She was in fear for her life, her husband’s life, and the lives of her children. They were in hiding from Isis, waiting to hear back with approval for a flight to America. As she talked about this my heart broke. I was broken for her as a mother, desperately wanting to protect her children. I was broken for her as a woman, trying to navigate a family of eight safely through the chaos of fleeing home. I was broken for her spiritually, she has the same enemy we have, she lives in fear and hiding from the very people we fear, but we have closed our doors to helping these people so desperately in need.

As I was sitting there broken for this woman and disappointed in our lack of love, she began talking about getting to the United States. I braced myself for what she might say, for the hatred and oppression she must feel here as well… And she began to describe the warmth with which American’s have welcomed them. The friendliness and smiles that everyone has given them. I was reminded that God is so much bigger than a stereotype! And He is bigger in what seem like the smallest ways- a smile, a handshake, a hug. I may not be able to change the world, but I can certainly extend love to those around me, regardless of their situation.

Strength: Not much to report on the strength front. Just continuing with what I’m already doing because I feel better. In fact, I feel good! And that is good progress!


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