MFM: Week 35, Day 1

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Week 35, Day 1 (-8 pounds)

Heart: Banayner got invited to a birthday party this week. He’s been super excited and I’ve spent several days panicked over the gift! That’s what moms are for, right? Normally, I’d just spend a little more than expected and get something like Legos. But I set a goal to make most of our gifts this year in an effort to save money. I had less than a week to make something for a seven-year-old I don’t know all that well! Cue panic attack! So, I compromised. I decided the gift could be purchased, if I put time and effort into making sure it was relatively inexpensive. After tossing a few ideas around with Banayner, we settled on a gift basket full of all kinds of toys and games from the dollar store. He told me his friend likes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so we headed to the dollar store in search of lots of TMNT stuff! And we hit the jackpot!! We bought a green tub to put everything in (that we decided we’d make look like a ninja turtle with streamers and paper) and then we found any and everything TMNT that they had! Coloring book, crayons, stickers, foam balls, cups, puzzles and even a few fun green things like glow sticks and a glow sword. It turned out super fun and cost less than $15! Banayner told everyone at the store about this gift and could not stop talking about it when we got home! This may turn into my new last minute go-to gift idea! In fact, note to self, Easter is coming up…

Soul: Our Pastor has been doing a series called “With Jesus” leading up to Easter. The main idea is pretty straightforward, we are called to be with Jesus in everything we do, but what I’m loving in particular right now is a little twist he’s doing. He’s reading from the New Testament from places that Jesus quotes the Old Testament and then he is asking the question, “Why?” Why did Jesus quote that? Why here, now? What is so significant about that passage. Then he takes us on a journey to the Old Testament and we dive into the quoted scripture. It’s been so cool! This week he read from John 3, where Jesus talks about the Son of Man being lifted up like the snake in the desert (v. 14). Most of us don’t understand the reference, so we skip past it. But there is some amazing symbolism in that reference! When the Israelites were wandering through the desert and complaining, God sent poisonous snakes among them (oh, what, it wasn’t so bad before, guys? But I digress, that’s not the point). Then they begged for help and he told Moses to create a bronze snake in the likeness of the problem and lift it up on a post and whoever just looked at it would be healed from the snake bite. Fast forward back to John 3 and Jesus is saying that God made Himself, as Jesus, in our likeness (the likeness of the problem) and lifted Himself on a stick that whoever would just look to Him, would be saved. Sounds a lot like John 3:16… oh wait, I said this was in John 3, huh? Yeah, John 3:16 is only two verses later! Takes on an amazing new perspective when viewed through the lens of the Old Testament, doesn’t it?!

Strength: I was venting to my husband last week about stupid, frustrating weight loss. I was telling him how stupid it is to have spent so much time doing research on health, weight, behaviorism, etc. and not be able to actually figure it out. I was complaining that if I’m consuming 1600 calories per day and burning 2600 calories per day, nothing else should matter… I should be losing weight. Period. I was talking about food food food… how much I eat, what I eat… blah blah blah. Then he looked at me and said, “I don’t think your problem is food.” Wait… what?! In my mind, I quickly retorted with, “Oh really?! Well then, what exactly is my problem?” But before I stupidly opened my mouth, I made myself stop and think about who was saying this. My husband, the best man I’ve ever known, my best friend. He doesn’t say things to hurt people. In fact, he doesn’t say much in general. So, when he speaks, you best listen. So, I got myself together and asked what he meant. He explained that I’ve spent so much time and energy researching and adjusting our food intake that, for the most part we’ve got that under control for now. Then he started speaking from experience, he told me that the times he sees the greatest, fastest and best results are when his lifestyle includes a balance of healthy eating, strength training (aerobic exercise for me) and cardio. Simply put, he told me I need to add cardio. Ugh! Seriously, he’s going to suggest I’m not doing enough?! This incredibly fit and active man is going to suggest that I need to do more?! That’s what I thought to myself, before I caught myself again and looked to my own experience in the past. And guess what… my favorite me, the one who liked herself physically, she did cardio. So, this week I added cardio. Not every day, and nothing crazy. Just a 2.5-3 mile walk three times a week. I can push the stroller and the kids love it! Plus, I’m not expecting anything other than a brisk walk from myself. Enough to get my heartrate up, but not so crazy that I give up before I even start. How many times have I disregarded my husband’s advice because I was too busy being offended by something honest he said? Or because I thought there was no way it applied to me? I went and found him a few days later and thanked him for his honesty and courage (we all know how I could’ve responded). Maybe if I do a better job of listening to him, he’ll have more wisdom ad advice for me that will help me get back to my favorite me!


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