MFM: Week 35, Day 2

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Week 35, Day 2

Heart: Happy Pi Day! Last year was awesome because if you round Pi to the first 5 digits it’s 3.1416 (3/14/16), but this year’s kind of cool too because 3+14=17 (3/14/17). I love math!! I miss teaching on days like this! Days that I can walk into class and tell corny Pi jokes, bring special Pi treats, and use every Pi pun I know! The students would roll their eyes and tell me I was way too obsessed with math, but the giant grins on their faces told me the truth! They absolutely loved that I love math so much!

Since I don’t have a class to celebrate with, Tayne took valen‘Pi’nes to school today! He’s too young to really understand Pi, but it’s never too early to celebrate math! We got little Pi temporary tattoos and made up little notes that say, “You insπre me!” I’m also planning on making an apple pie for tonight!

Soul: I’ve been trying so hard not to be anxious about our house selling, but I still find that during my quiet time with God I keep wanting to ask Him for a clearer answer. Yesterday, I felt like He said, “I’ve got this. I’ve already got a couple who want the house, I’m taking care of it! There will be an offer today.” I, of course, dismissed it as what I wanted God to say and likely not actually Him. Well, while we were eating dinner last night, we got a text… “We have an offer!” I just burst out laughing. My husband looked at me like I was crazy. I just shook my head and said, “Ok God, I get it. You’re handling this.” It was like a Gibbs slap to the back of the head (side note, I absolutely love Mark Harmon) reminding me that God is in control and He is faithful!

Strength: I got up this morning and realized that it isn’t even a question of “Will I get up to work out?” anymore. It’s not a question at all… I just do it! It may not be a perfect habit yet, but I’m nearly there! And the best part is, if I don’t ask the question, I don’t have to struggle with the answer!


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