MFM: Week 35, Day 5

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Week 35, Day 5

Heart: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We celebrated this morning with green eggs and green orange juice! They boys were so excited- they both thought it looked like slime! I also put a few green surprises in Banayner’s lunch for school and will do the same for the other kiddos! And tonight, we’re having Shepherd’s Pie, Irish Soda Bread and a green brownie trifle! It’s silly, I know. But we do silly really well at our house. I hope that’s something my kids remember as they get older.

On a different note, last night was date night! The boys had a cycling date with Dad. It was finally sunny and nice-ish, so they hopped on their bicycles and headed to the park! Meanwhile, Baby girl and I had a spa date! We took a bubble bath and painted our toenails. I was giddy because painting toenails is something that I haven’t gotten to do with boys! I absolutely love my boys and would have been perfectly content to have all boys if that’s how God chose to bless us. But it definitely brings me joy to get to do ‘girlie’ things with Baby girl! When I knew it was the two of us for a date, I immediately knew we were going to do toenails. You’ve seen the pictures on Pinterest. I just knew it would be so much fun! I imagined her buckled into her seat, playing with toys while we listened to fabulous 80’s music and I transformed her toes into pink, sparkly gems! I was so excited!!! And then reality set in… do you know how hard it is to paint an 11-month-old’s toenails?! I mean, seriously… nearly impossible! Well, I guess actually painting them wasn’t the problem. It was trying to keep her from kicking and smearing them all over everything! So, the true picture of our date was more like her kicking and wiggling trying to squirm her way out of her seat, grabbing at the open bottles of nail polish while I tried to hold both feet simultaneously to prevent kicking and still manage to paint them at the same time… and music? Ha! Yeah right, ain’t nobody got time for that! When our date was over, polish dried and the boys “oohing” and “aahing” over her toes, I thought back to the date and realized… it was perfect. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Because that’s how we do things at our house. Life is messy, chaotic, a little crazy, but always an adventure!

2017-03-16 18.56.11-1

Soul: I am feeling very overwhelmed! There’s a lot going on in my head. I recently saw a meme that pretty much summed it up. “I have too many tabs open in my head right now” However, I have found that there are two things that consistently help when I begin feeling this way. Spending time with Jesus and spending time with Tim. Spending time with Jesus helps ground me, it brings me back to my purpose. There are lots of things vying for my time and attention, but my focus should be on honoring God and loving people. The rest of it pales in comparison to those two things. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, it helps to remember that this life just isn’t about me. Period. However, sometimes that’s easier said than done. Which is where spending time with my husband helps. He is so rational and reasonable, he immediately puts things in perspective and helps me start thinking about how to tackle the things on my plate. How do I honor God and love people in the midst of solving the problem? He sets aside the emotion and views everything rationally (have I mentioned I’m married to Spock?), which is both annoying and unbelievably helpful when I can’t see past the emotion. Today, despite being overwhelmed, I’m feeling very blessed to have the Creator of the universe and the best man I’ve ever known on my team!

Strength: Well, I switched up my workout this week and I hate it! So, I’m going back to what I was doing. This one takes too much thought and planning, I need it to be easy and seamless. As far as walks go, Bubby, Baby girl and I walked to a park yesterday and played… it was a much-needed break from being inside! It was a little bit of cardio I needed, and a lot of fun that they needed!


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